Talk of Telara #10

Posted by on 5 October 2011
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We have some exciting new features in this, the tenth edition of Talk of Telara, our bi-weekly community newsletter that highlights fan art, fan fiction, videos, and guides created by you, the Rift community!

This edition of Talk of Telara is brought to you by the letter A, for Awesomesauce.

The Patch of Awesome

RIFT Update 1.5 ~ Ashes of History

Rift just turned six months old in August, and we celebrated its half-birthday with several contests! What did we do afterward? We unleashed Update 1.5: Ashes of History. Among all of the groovy new features, this update has brought us:

  • Planar Attunement - Advance beyond level 50 with Planar Attunement. Every quest completed and planespawn slain brings you closer to your next elemental upgrade.
  • Chronicles - Teams of two players (or one, if you’ve got the gear) can take on RIFT Chronicles, exploring breathtaking dungeons—including Greenscale’s Blight, Hammerknell, and more—in fun, story-driven adventures!
  • New Warfront: Library of the Runemasters - PvP combat erupts in Hammerknell’s Library of the Runemasters. Race the enemy faction to control Dwarven secrets, and rise through the ranks in this pulse-pounding new Warfront. Library of the Runemasters is available for play on select weekends.
  • Master Dungeon – Darkening Deeps now sports a Master Dungeon mode. Rebalanced for elite groups of Ascended, the Master Dungeon holds epic challenges and epic rewards.
  • Veteran Rewards – Subscribers earn rewards the longer they play Rift, including special gear, a personal vendor, and a portable mailbox. Learn more.
  • AddOns Beta – Customize your play with new AddOns Beta, fan-created mods for your Rift user interface. Are you an AddOn developer? Join the community!

The Chronicles are a smash hit, and definitely an entertaining way to get your Planar Attunement up.

These are some exciting times for RIFT, and rest assured, yours truly has already begun grinding his Planar Attunement XP, so time to catch up! What are you waiting for?

Community Events

Our weekly Community Events are still going on, so if you want your “Detective,” “Know-It-All” or “Stalker” title, remember to keep an eye on the forums or the community page, or get notifications when the events start on our official Facebook and Twitter.

Congratulations to our past winners listed here!

Scavenger Hunt (Earn the “Detective” Title) -9/30/11

  1. Verfolger
  2. Roil
  3. Axstax
  4. ArcusPravus
  5. wingedkitten
  6. benmonkey69
  7. Rhyllia
  8. Raella
  9. Caucxican
  10. psyr
  11. Kyridus
  12. Turbine
  13. Dimitre
  14. Payne Ashstone
  15. Marre

Trivia Contest (Earn the ‘Know it All Title’) – 9/26/11

  1. Fenlakin
  2. aerisod
  3. Jorrel
  4. grel
  5. Atheos of Dimroot
  6. Rizz
  7. Coolstorybro
  8. VbeltDRG
  9. I am Judge
  10. Kilauea
  11. Andrii
  12. Dienforce
  13. Arybeth
  14. Diagon the D
  15. benmonkey69
  16. Tehjianna
  17. bctrainers
  18. Dexter_
  19. Pokey
  20. Attorney
  21. Ghostblade
  22. Vapor2516
  23. Moiraine
  24. trustfall
  25. BlakeRyan

Community Creations

We would like to thank our creative and talented community members for sharing their artistic, writing, and video-making talents with us. Here are some samples from the Fan ArtFan Fiction, and Fan Videos forums.

Fan Art

Vertigale has shared some of the signatures she has created. They are pretty impressive. You can find them in this thread.

Concept art by Ishkhaara 
Male Shalastiri concept by  Ishkhaara 
Here’s a new sketch by Celyne 

Fan Videos/Music

The Scarn Guide for Master Mode Darkening Deeps might help out when you get to the last boss of the new Master Mode dungeon.

Laughingskull provides us with a look inside Estrode’s Chamber of Runebinding within Hammerknell.

While it’s not a fan-made video, if you haven’t seen this, you need to. It’s the RIFT Ascend A Friend video. And remember, if you would like to Ascend a Friend, be sure to check out the official AAF page.


Our marvelous Rift guide writers have three new guides for us this issue. Again we say thank you, and may you never get tired of sharing your experience and knowledge with the rest of us!

Steelwind’s 51 Champ “Fiery Destroyer” Petless PvE build - Written by Steelwind

Potions Quick Reference – Written by ZAM

Water Saga Guide - Written by ZAM

With all of the new rogue changes that have come along with Update 1.5, some new rogue guides have surfaced:

Sozu’s PvE Marksman Guide, [v1.5] - By Sozu

1.5 pvp mm guide  – By Marnos

Nightstalker PvP Start-Up Kit (40nb/26rs) – By Fonk

The Bloodstalker – 1.5 DPS build – By Kurieg

If you’re looking for more guides, remember that we have a comprehensive list of guides in our Rift Community Guides Compendium so do check it out!


That’s all for this edition of Talk of Telara! If you have a shard event, community news, creative works, or anything else you’d like to see if the next Talk of Telara, please feel free to PM a member of the Community Team, or email us at for consideration.


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