Battle all-new versions of Akylios and Greenscale!

Posted by on 16 April 2014

Mysteries abound in the Runic Athenaeum, where a dark foe attempts to change the fabric of history itself. Prepare to travel back in time and assist the original Heroic Souls in binding some of Telara’s greatest threats: the Dragons of Water and Life! Will you emerge triumphant, or be crushed under their scaly grasp?


The Budgies are Back in Town

Posted by on 10 April 2014


Budgie week has returned, with adorable Budgie mounts and racing! Ride them in daily races for special loot, or acquire the brand new Umbral Budgie from the Limited Edition: Umbral Budgie Trove!


Savage Swords and Noble Staves: it’s time for a RIFT concept art contest!

Posted by on 2 April 2014


Calling all artists!

Do you have an amazing idea for a two-handed sword, two-handed staff, or cape that you’d like to see us make? Want to leave your mark on RIFT with an item you helped create? Well we’ve got a contest for you!


Create your own arena: PvP Dimension Tools now available!

Posted by on 27 March 2014
Categories: Game Updates.

Ever wanted to battle it out against other Ascended in an environment you designed? Ever had a great idea for a PvP arena you wish someone would create? Now you can! New items available from the RIFT Store will turn your Dimension into a bloody pit of competition and carnage.


Double Loot & Loyalty all week!

Posted by on 26 March 2014
Categories: Community News.

We’re doubling down with bonus loot from 20-player Storm Legion Raids plus the final boss of Storm Legion Expert Dungeons and Slivers now through April 2.