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Important notification concerning your Trion Worlds account

Posted by on 22 December 2011
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Please visit for more information.

Developer Q&A – Planar Attunement Respec, Upcoming Gear Changes & More!

Posted by on 21 December 2011

Hail Ascended!

Welcome to the first Developer Q&A – a new feature aimed to give you a closer look at the development of RIFT while answering common questions & suggestions. This list will never be exhaustive and we realize you all might have many questions but we aim to cover as many different areas of the game with each one as we can.

Whether on the forums, facebook, twitter, fansites, or in game – we appreciate all of your feedback and encourage you to continue to share, thanks!

Notes from the First RP Town Hall

Posted by on 16 December 2011

Hail Role-players!

Last Friday we had the privilege to spend a few minutes with the players of Faeblight, the largest RP shard, for our first Role-player’s Town Hall. Krunkatron, one of our content designers, was on hand to answer questions and hear your suggestions along with myself – of course, we knew you all wouldn’t be able to participate, so we wanted to share what we discussed with you today!

Media Wrap-Up 12/15/2011

Posted by on 15 December 2011
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Media Wrap-Up 12/15/2011

Hi everyone! It’s time again to share with you some of the neat stuff that’s been going on with press and fan sites.  This list is hardly all-inclusive, but it does have some highlights of the “week that was”! So, with out further ado, let’s have a look.

RIFT Arrives in Russia!

Posted by on 15 December 2011
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Privet Ascended!

The RIFT team and our Russian publishing partner Belver are proud to announce today that RIFT is live in Russia! Completely localized from the ground up for the Russian language audience, the new version is the first to launch in a new territory since the English, German, and French clients hit earlier this year. The Russian release is just the next step in an ongoing quest to share the game with the global community of MMO enthusiasts.

Interested in checking out the Russian version or polishing up on your Cyrillic? Check out the RIFT Russia website @!