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Simplifying Customer Support Ticket Process

Posted by on 30 June 2011
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From our customer support team:

Greetings Ascended!

Starting July 1, we will be merging support accounts and game accounts to simplify ticket management and streamline your experience. All you need to do to submit a support question is visit, click “Ask a Question,” and log in with the same email and password that you use to log in to RIFT™.

To preserve access to your previous tickets, you will need to ensure that your support account’s email address matches the address that you use to log in to RIFT before we merge your accounts.

To view and/or update your support email address before the merge, please:

  1. Log in to your support account at
  2. Click on “Update your account settings”
  3. Make sure the email address for your support account matches the email address for your game account

That’s it! After the update, all you need to do to submit a support question is visit, click “Ask a Question,” and log in with the same email and password that you use to log in to RIFT.


Account Services
Trion Worlds, Inc.

Talk of Telara #03

Posted by on 22 June 2011
Categories: Community Events.

Welcome to our third edition of Talk of Telara, RIFT’s bi-weekly community feature (posted every other Wednesday)! With update 1.3 launching today, we have some fantastic creative works, shard community events, guides and more to share with you this time.



How would you like a chance to win one of five $100.00 Amazon Gift Cards? Well, now’s your chance! The Escapist has partnered with Trion Worlds to host a contest in which you must scour Telara for answers to a quiz on The Escapist about RIFT’s world of Telara. This is one contest that you won’t want to miss out on! Check out the contest page and all the detailshere.

We also have some fun non-contest community events coming up soon, so stay tuned!

The RIFT community’s creative juices have really been flowing! It was very difficult to select just a few creative works to share with you this time. As always, please check out the Fan Art and Fan Fiction, and Fan Videos forum for even more RIFT-tastic art, stories, music, and videos.

Without further ado, on to this edition’s samplings from the Community Creations section! As always, we want to remind everyone that if your piece wasn’t selected for this Talk of Telara edition, please keep in mind your may be selected for future editions.

Fan Art

The artists in our community never cease to impress! This time, we have some awesome hand-drawn art offerings from strayth, beautiful 3D art by kloo, and an example of Sapphy’s incredible signature-creating skills. Please check out each artist’s gallery thread here on our forums to see the full-sized images!

Between Invasions - RIFT Fan Art by strayth


My Beta Defiant Cleric - RIFT Fan Art by kloo


Sigs by Sapphy - RIFT Signatures by Suyin (Sapphy)

Fan Fiction

This edition, we have two RIFT-inspired literary pieces to share with you. The first is a collection of short stories by Idiopathicus (Erp) and follows the adventures of ‘Wild’ Erp in Telara. The second piece is a beautifully written poem by Insubstantial (Jharyn).

The Adventures of ‘Wild’ Erp - Written by Idiopathicus (Erp)

My name is Erp. It used to stand for Ruck Erpine, of the Hammerknell Erpines. Now days it just stands for Erp. I’ve decided to keep this journal in the hopes that it will help me understand everything that’s happened to me recently, and to provide truth to combat the lies that have been told about me. I’m getting ahead of myself, why don’t I start from the beginning?

Jharyn’s Journal – Clerical Musings and Verse - Written by Insubstantial (Jharyn)

“What can be done against such hate?”
We ask ourselves as rough tides break
on rocky shores that once were clean
beaches upon which our children walked.

Fan Videos/Music

We have a fantastic original music piece by Sanrek and epic RIFT movie by BAGSgaming to share with you this time. Thanks to both for your great contributions!

[Music] The Bard’s Corner by Sanrek - Original RIFT song by Sanrek

RIFT the Movie, YAY! by BAGSgaming - Original RIFT video by BAGSgaming


Some of Telara’s most nefarious baddies have recently found Twitter, and we’re all loving their updates. Here are a few we recommend checking out!


Our RIFT community guide writers have been hard at work, creating new guides for everything from the best class gearing guides to PVP guides the past two weeks. Below are the new guides we added to our official Rift Community Guide Compendium in the past two weeks. A big thanks to all of our guide writers for your contributions to the RIFT community! Please check out the Guide Compendium regularly — we are constantly updating the list! (Please note, some of our community guides do link to other websites.)

Ciderhelm’s Guide to Warrior Tanking w/ Builds, Macros, & Recommended Progression - Written by Ciderhelm of Eventide

Cleric Multi-Role Gearing Guide (BiS) - Written by Bowler Hat

Guide: 51mm 15rng (I like ranged and I don’t like pets) - Written by Virchow

Guide: The Cuisinart (Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Rogue) - Written by Archaegeo

Nightblade PVP Guide - Written by Nemisis7

Rogue DPS BiS Gear List - Written by Qan

Rogue Raid DPS Guide - Written by Nemisis7

The Maxed Warden – A guide for 5 Man Content (Updated v2.0) - Written by Paikis

As a reminder, you can always see which new RIFT guides have been posted by looking for the **NEW** tag next to each in our guides threads.


Our individual shard communities are hosting some great events soon that we encourage you to check out if you have a chance! As always if you have a shard community event or project you’d like to have added to this list or future Talk of Telara features, please PM someone on the Community Team with the details, or email us at

Here is our list of the current and upcoming shard community events!

Acta Luna Monthly Newsletter — Second Edition Now Available! - The folks on the Faeblight shard have published their second edition of the Acta Luna Monthly Newsletter. Check it out!

Eventide-hosted Daily Raid & Expert Rifts PUG - With the launch of 1.3, the Eventide guild on the Deepwood shard will be hosting daily rift raids, starting at 5:00 PM Pacific Time (shard time). This will be a great opportunity for any interested!

Gathering of the Faithful [Guardian/RP Event] - On July 2nd, at 8:30pm Shard Time in Three Springs, Moonshade, Lucaeyn Stormsword and the Fist of the Vigil are holding a Gathering of the Faithful. This event takes place on the Faeblight shard.

Guardian Festival of Tavril [23/06] - On June 23, at 7:00PM shard time in Gloamwood, Legacy of the Covenant is hosting the Festival of Tavril. This event takes place on the Faeblight shard.


Stare into the Abyss – Update 1.3 Arrives Tomorrow!

Posted by on 21 June 2011
Categories: Game Updates.

We’ve talked about it. You’ve heard about it. At last…Update 1.3 – “Waves of Madness” crashes upon our shores!

Tomorrow morning following the update at 8:00AM PDT (1:00AM BST on 6/23 for EU) the race for Telara’s future will begin. The forces of Water and Death seek to drown all hope and extinguish the flame of life.

Should the Ward fall and Akylios, mad lord of the deep, escape his prison all will be consumed in the coming torrent of destruction.

It falls to you, Ascended, to bold yourselves and stand headstrong in the face of the coming tide. The hope of all rests on you – what story will history tell?

Fortunately – we’ve not left you unprepared, here’re some helpful resources to begin your adventure in the next epic saga of RIFT:

The Official 1.3 – “Waves of Madness” Update Page
What you have to look forward to:

NEW - Step-by-step Character/Guild Transfer Guide
Read the RIFT 1.3 – “Waves of Madness” Update Notes!