RIFT Community Ambassador Program

Posted by on 7 July 2011
Categories: Community News.

The RIFT Community is made richer by those who go out of their way to make it a welcoming and friendly place to be. We do notice these individuals, and want to recognize them in a way that others will too! We’re happy to introduce everyone to our RIFT Community Ambassador Program! This FAQ explains the basics about this program, but please feel free to ask any questions we haven’t covered. We will be making our initial round of selections and announcing your first few RIFT Community Ambassadors next week, so stay tuned!


What is the RIFT Community Ambassador Program?

The RIFT Community Ambassador Program is created to recognize individuals who have made the RIFT community a better place through their constructive and enthusiastic participation and interaction.

What is the purpose of a RIFT Community Ambassador?

RIFT Community Ambassadors are intended to be knowledgeable, helpful, and enthusiastic members of the RIFT Community. They will be identifiable by a custom title, both in-game and on the official forums, RIFT Community Ambassadors are natural community helpers, and all-around go-to individuals within the RIFT Community.

Why would someone want to become a RIFT Community Ambassador?

Those who are RIFT Community Ambassador material are probably already doing the things we’d be looking for because they enjoy it, but we do have a few recognition perks. RIFT Community Ambassadors are given a unique title in-game and on the official forums. They are also given their own forum area to offer suggestions and feedback about how to improve the RIFT Community (please note, this is not for game feedback).

How does one become a RIFT Community Ambassador?

We will not be revealing the full selection process, but we will say that being enthusiastic, helpful, friendly, active, and involved are a great start. We will be accepting nominations from our community, but you are not allowed to nominate yourself. We will not be considering requests to become a RIFT Community Ambassador, and all steps of the selection are at the discretion of the RIFT Community Team. If you wish to nominate someone, please send a PM to any of the moderators, or send an email to community@riftgame.com. Please be aware that we will not comment on nominations beyond letting you know we received them.

How does this differ from a volunteer program?

These are hand-picked individuals who have proven their desire to improve the RIFT community. They are not asked or required to perform any duties and are not given any responsibilities; they do it because they love RIFT and the RIFT Community, have a desire to make it a better place, we want to recognize them for it. It’s also worth noting that we do expect our RIFT Community Ambassadors to hold themselves to a high standard. Earning infractions on the forums, or getting suspended from the game will result in being removed from the RIFT Community Ambassador program.