Talk of Telara #04

Posted by on 7 July 2011
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This week we bring you the fourth edition of Talk of Telara, our bi-weekly community feature starring you, our amazing and talented Rift community members!


The judges for deviantART’s RIFT: Create a Colossus Contest have chosen 25 semi-finalists, out of which the final three winners will be selected by Trion’s creative team. Check out the Final 25 here!

We also have some rather exciting Community Events lined up for you right here on our forums! Be sure to check out the announcement and participate in our Scavenger Hunt, Trivia Question event, and our Where in the World is Elrar? event, for a chance to get a unique in-game title!

Community Creations

Our RIFT community is like a bottomless well of creativity! Just when we thought we’d seen them all, we find more gems in our Community Creations forums. Here are just a few samples.

Fan Art

Those amazing artists in our community have been so active that we wish we could feature them all at the same time. Do check out the Fan Art forum for their latest offerings, but for now, here are a few of the best ones we’ve seen.

Individual Art - RIFT Fan Art by Individualst

Kanashi Fanart - RIFT Fan Art by Kanashi Elistar


Rift Fan Art - RIFT Fan Art by Celyne

Fan Fiction

Here’s a rather intriguing story about an Ascendant who can’t quite figure out her purpose in Telara… or even her origins. What is the mystery behind Kymari? Find out in this continuing saga penned by community member Arynite.

Rift Bloodlines - Written by Arynite

Her ears were pointed like a Kelari’s… or, maybe a High Elf’s. At Grandmother’s age, eyesight didn’t always provide all the details one desired. Fortunately, there was always a distinct difference in skin tone between the Kelari and their cousins, the High Elves. Except in this case. Dusty skin with a faint golden undertone, peach hair that bordered between the pink more common to Kelari and the golden yellow of the High elves. And even her eyes glowed ever so faintly, that it might have been her imagination. Was she even a true ascended? Grandmother had heard stories of rift spawn and other demonic creatures trying to imitate ascended. If this was one of such creatures, it hadn’t done its homework, because it hadn’t clearly decided which race to impersonate. All ascended either stood for the Guardians, or for the Defiant. The Guardians were the Mathosians, Dwarves, and Elves. The Defiant were the Eth, Bahmi, and Kelari. If your race didn’t match up with the side you wanted to be on, then too bad. The other side would likely attack first, and ask about your loyalties later…

Fan Videos/Music

Last week, we discovered some videos that were started a while back by community member Sambonz, who has since created a total of 28 videos in his “Let’s Play Rift” series. It’s a fun way to learn the gameplay basics or just enjoy the adventures of Seraphis and her dance-loving friend Tallahassee.

Let’s Play Rift Videos - Video Series by Sambonz

Did someone say “Carlton Dance”? Here’s one guild meeting that erupted into a spontaneous dance party.

The Guardians Rift Dance Party - RIFT Video by Knyght


Ever quick to react to game updates, our awesome guide writers have new guides up on the Waves of Madness event and other new features and changes introduced in Patch 1.3. As always, please note that some of our community guides do link to other websites.

Waves of Madness (Rift Event) Guide - Written by the ZAM Rift Community

Waves of Madness – Rift World Event Guide - Written by Gaarawarr

Character Transfers - Written by the ZAM Rift Community

Guild Banks - Written by the ZAM Rift Community

Unofficial End Game PvE Mage Guide (Updated for 1.3) - Written by bluedot

Rogue PvE Bible – Updated for 1.3 - Written by Flaymar

You can find more guides in the Rift Community Guide Compendium thread where you can always see which new RIFT guides have been posted by looking for the **NEW** tag.

Shard Community Events

As players and even whole guilds have availed of the newly-introduced shard transfer feature, shard communities welcome their new neighbors with these fun events.

Past Events

Tales of Telara III – an Estrael RP Event - The roleplaying community of Estrael met on the grassy hillside south of the Argent Glade portal last June 25th from 8:30 to 10:00 PM EST. There was story-telling, poem reading, and other fun activities during this event hosted by the Vigil’s Grace guild of Estrael. We hope that this was only the first of many such events!

Sacred Fire (D) Scavenger Hunt on Harrow - Sacred Fire, a Defiant guild on Harrow, hosted a scavenger hunt last week, which culminated in a costume and companion party on June 26th at 5PM PST, complete with fireworks!

Pet Fight Event on Argent - Panta Ray, a self-styled “shady” merchant guild on the Argent shard, held their first public event last Thursday, June 30th on Shoreward Island: a pet fight where the audience was allowed to place bets on their favorite fighters!

Open RP Event on Harrow - Amid much intrigue, suspicion and rumors of ambush, the RP community of Harrow successfully conducted a meeting of sorts at Lantern Hook last July 2nd. We look forward to a report on what transpired at the meeting.

Upcoming Events

RP Event: The Political Side of War on Argent - The guilds Academia ArcanaMachine Born and Elder Souls of the Argent shard invite everyone to a political debate on July 6th at 5PM PST at the Chancel of Labors in Iron Pine Peak. The topic is “Guardian vs Defiant” and of course, debaters from both factions are encouraged to represent their brethren. The event is supposed to be a pacifist one so no fighting will be allowed, except with words.

Gaiscioch Community Events for the Week on Faeblight - This week, the Gaiscioch guild (G) on Faeblight hosts events in Stillmoor, Freemarch and Scarlet Gorge. Check out their weekly events thread for more details!

Se’s Brawling Club on Shivermere - Community member Serafhin is organizing a 5V5 match-up tournament on the Shivermere shard. Check out his thread for details!

And there you have it, folks! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and finding out what your fellow community members have been up to, and we look forward to seeing more fun stuff from you!

If you have a shard event, big shard news, community creations, or anything else you’d like to see if the next Talk of Telara, please feel free to PM someone on the Community Team, or email us at for consideration.

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