Talk of Telara #6

Posted by on 3 August 2011
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Greetings, Ascended! This week we bring you the sixth edition of Talk of Telara, our bi-weekly community feature that highlights fan art, fan fiction, videos, guides and events created by you, our amazing and talented Rift community members.


There are two more weekend events to go in Alienware Arena’s Rift Online Weekend Competitions. Enter for a chance to win an Alienware M14x laptop and other prizes!

Our weekly Community Events are running at full steam now and in-game titles have been awarded to the winners. Remember to always keep an eye on the forums, or get notifications when the events start on our official Facebook and Twitter if you want your “Detective,” “Know-It-All” or “Stalker” title!

Here were our winners for each Community Event for the past two weeks. Congratulations, all!

Scavenger Hunt (earn the “Detective” title)

Scavenger Hunt – 7/20/11

Adnoz, Xonia, Sonoko, Arus, FellintoOblivion, ReveBeck, Sharizta, Llendra, Koredan, Leimone, hunix, Halbarad, Dreznahel, Karsazilla, Deggon, Koglora, Kecil, das, Heretik, dcincali

Scavenger Hunt – 8/2/2011

mdnitesky, Virindi, Kauzmo, Acclaim, Deathwhisperzz, Mikeyboo, Sparkination, shp, Sacked, Nazalit, Seshru, Ohmytian, DantheDragon, Electros, Atheos of Dimroot

Trivia Questions (earn “Know it All” title)

Radak, kabali, the_real_seebs, Catal13, Tassels, Virindi, Nighteyes428, Aitna, Sherplunk, Chozen, Mammothtruk, Elgarr, sparky95, Yensider, Kylent, Leyley, paspinall, Jujus, Karmond, Meeki, Coolstorybro, Heretik, Rakz, Xarion

Where in the World is Elrar? (earn “the Stalker” title)

Where in the World is Elrar? – 7/24/11

Herbal_Fairy, Panzii, Galthon, Korpayne, WickiD, Lord-Garrius-DeTylmar, arthureld, Westicleez, sparky95, Rhinoserious, Sairenjix, snakeops, Preon, Mikeyboo, Willovain

Where in the World is Elrar? – 7/29/11

QueenoftheGame, adamm212, Boltswiki, Potato, Sunastian, Athea, Sywyn, Claridus, VashtaNerada, Deggon, Fyurie, Aryus, Aluano, Rivellana, Mystogen, SonicRoots


Community Creations

Once again, we turn the spotlight on those creative community members who have shared their artistic, writing, and video-making talents with us. Be sure to check out the Fan ArtFan Fiction, and Fan Videos forums for more, but here are a few of our favorites.

Fan Art

This issue, we bring you some original sketches of boenwell88′s in-game characters, plus some awesome sigs and original sketches made by Lilena.

Just some sketches - RIFT Fan Art by boenwell88

My rift fanart/sigs - RIFT Fan Art by Lilena


Fan Fiction

Here’s a story written by community member Gradlein. It’s an intriguing tale of love and betrayal and who knows what else, as the author has yet to reveal the full story. Here’s an excerpt…

Untitled - Written by Gradlein

As an Eth he was naturally sensitive to the planes and their power – rift energy. After his rebirth as an ascendant, that sensitivity was multiplied several-fold to the point that he can track things like herbs and earth elemental creatures. He was also able to sense that the planar tear was about to open a few seconds prior and he quickly got out of its way. Normally, he would perform an ambush and banish the creatures. But not this time. He had sensed a familiar presence within the woods earlier and had been following it since then. This was not caused by his sensitivity, however. It was more like how people develop a certain feeling whenever a person close to him or her was nearby.

The person he was looking for was the one responsible for his passing.

Fan Videos/Music

We have two incredibly beautiful videos for you this edition! The first one is a gorgeous game music video created by community member nekoneko. The second, created by Warbs, showcases the newly-opened Hammerknell Fortress. Enjoy!

GMV – Sanctus Espiritus - RIFT music video created by nekoneko

Rift – Hammerknell Tribute (The Beauty of Hammerknell) - Hammerknell raid/music video created by Warbs



The gates of Hammerknell Fortress have opened and our dedicated group of RIFT guide writers have been hard at work creating new raid and rift guides for you! As always, please note that some of our community guides do link to other websites.

River of Souls Raid Guide - Written by Draegan of Rift Junkies

Warmaster Galenir - Written by Rift Strats

Gilded Prophecy Raid Guide - Written by Draegan of Rift Junkies

Hammerknell Raid Bible (WIP) - Written by Flaymar

Guide to Murdantix - Written by Rift Strats

Hammerknell Murdantix Guide - Written by laughingskull

“The Golden King” Earth Rift Raid - Written by Draegan of Rift Junkies

If you’re looking for new guides, remember you can always see which new RIFT guides have been added to Rift Community Guide Compendium by looking for the **NEW** tag next to each link!


Shard Community Events & Projects

Are you looking for something exciting and fun to do with other members of your shard community? Find out what your fellow members have been up to and watch out for these current and upcoming shard community events:


Past Events

Tales from Telara IV – an Estrael RP Event - The RP community of Estrael once again met on the grassy hillside south of the Argent Glade Portal last July 30th to swap stories and poems, and to just have a great time.

July 23rd PvP Event - Defiants and Guardians clashed in organized open-world PvP event on the Harrow shard last July 23rd.

The Midsummer Ball at Quicksilver College - The Sentinels Guild of Sunrest and Troll Radio co-sponsored a midsummer ball at Quicksilver College on the Sunrest shard last July 30th.


Current/Upcoming Events

RP Meet and Greet on Faeblight - Dates have been set for the RP Meet and Greet event on Faeblight.

Tournament on Argent (Defiant) - The Meridian Mercenaries will be holding a tournament every Saturday at the Catari Command Center.

Estrael Regular Events (Guardian) - Community member RankNVile is organizing weekly events for Guardians on the Estrael shard.

Tavern Night Tuesdays! (Guardian RP Event) - Community member Zarukhad has started an on-going weekly RP event for Guardians on the Shadefallen shard.

RP Duelist Event - The House of the Silver Dragon guild on Harrow is organizing a dueling event on August 10th in Meridian.

That’s all for this issue! If you have a shard event, community news, creative works, or anything else you’d like to see if the next Talk of Telara, please feel free to PM a member of the Community Team, or email us at for consideration.

Talk of Telara Archive

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