Talk of Telara #05

Posted by on 11 August 2011
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Welcome to the fifth edition of Talk of Telara! We have some brilliant offerings to share this time! As always, everything we feature in Talk of Telara is from you, the Rift community. Read on for more awesome fan art, fiction, and videos, new guides, and community event in this edition!


The winners for deviantART’s RIFT: Create a Colossus Contest have been selected and revealed! You can see the winning entries here. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!

If you haven’t had a chance to participate in one of our weekly Community Events yet, you’ll have another chance this week! Simply keep an eye on the forums, or get notifications when the events start on our official Facebook andTwitter. Winners are all awarded a special in-game title, unique to each Community Event.

Here were our winners for each Community Event for the past two weeks. Congratulations, everyone!:

Scavenger Hunt (earn the “Detective” title)

Scavenger Hunt – 7/8/11

BEmon, Dbaye, Drazden, Flakes, Gazmanic, Kaelian, Kylent, Moonclaw, Radak, rickets, shadedxenic, SonicRoots, TheMustachio, TwoToques, Valithel, Varlbear

Scavenger Hunt – 7/14/11

Alch1e, Cromagis, danoocha, JonathanTheBlack, Killer998, Knyght, Linedecker, LondynTS, lordbaay, Lushin, m3gatl20n, Meeki, nacho, Raenna. Rivellana, Sairenjix, warpfire, Willovain, xanduin246

Trivia Questions (earn “Know it All” title)

Adnoz, Aludence, Angelicus, arekceg, Crafty, Einhelm, Enky, feenix, Forsaknice, Giznat, Ixarus, Jargoon, Korrow, LLJK-Kaane, McPhailure, Moxteth, Ninjashizzo, NuclearTaco, RickoT, Saphien, Sez, shadedxenic, Shieldwall, Sonoko, Strikes, SWG_Mage, Tessi, Tetix, Thanatosis, Zadeth

Where in the World is Elrar? (earn “the Stalker” title)

Where in the World is Elrar? – 7/6/11

benmonkey69, emedic1973, Fugubob, Hooplah, Kathoragen, Kilauea, LiQiuD, Lullaby , Lupa_J, MageofSilence, Naria, starspun, Sukakun, TonyDanza, Untitleddreamer, Zuzzok

Where in the World is Elrar? – 7/12/11

Adnoz, Appolonius, Ayukawa, benmonkey69, HAklowner, Harski, Kaimoria, Kylent, Nighteyes428, Pixel-Monkey, propapil, Sanrael, Saphien, shp, Sonoko, Vellum

Community Creations

Our very talented community members have been displaying some amazing creations in our Fan Art and Fan Fictionand Fan Videos forums! We have a few of our favorites to share with you in this edition! As always, if you weren’t selected this time, please remember that we’ll be selecting new offerings every two weeks. Enjoy!

Fan Art

We have so many talented artists in our community! Sometimes it’s difficult to pick just a few pieces to share, but this time we have fan art from Fenrier and Ishkhaara. If you’re an artist who has RIFT fan art to share, please let us know by posting in the Fan Art forum, or contacting us! We love seeing new RIFT fan art. For the full-sized images, please be sure to check out each artist’s gallery thread.

Warrior Silverleaf - RIFT Fan Art by Fenrier

Sriin Digital (RIFT!) Sketchbook - RIFT Fan Art by Ishkhaara


Fan Fiction

Check out this collection of beautifully written “memories”, written by community member Arieltalia. Here’s a sneak peek!

Awakening and Beyond - Written by Arieltalia

For the next few weeks, we were almost constantly in each other’s company. I learned quite a bit about humans that I had never even bothered to be interested in before, and I grew to like him a great deal. I found that he had a wife back in some far land, but that he took jobs that sent him away for the “adventure”, or so he said. I remember finding that comment a bit odd, knowing that I was in little danger there up high in my exquisitely appointed palace.

Fan Videos/Music

Our RIFT video masters never cease to disappoint! This time, we have a gorgeous role-play guild event trailer by Nova Dark and The Cabal of the Three Sisters, and an excellent RIFT music video by Elysiumsw. Keep those creative RIFT videos coming, everyone!

Rift: The Aura of Woe - Beautiful role-play guild event trailer by Nova Dark and The Cabal of the Three Sisters

First Rift Machinima - RIFT music video created by Elysiumsw



Our dedicated group of RIFT guide writers have been hard at work creating even more great guides for you! As always, please note that some of our community guides do link to other websites.

1.3 PvP Chlorolock - Written by Arcanas

Chloromancer/Warlock Guide - Written by Arcanas

[Guide] Level 50 Warrior PvP in 1.3 - Written by DaseinNJ

Kruunch’s Universal Grinding Build (World PvE/PvP) - Written by Kruunch

my new SC/DOM BS/AB WIN - Written by DaddyDaz

[PvP] The WTF s/b spec updated (22 Paladin / 28 Champion / 16 Paragon) - Written by Milen

Rasp’s Fire Raid Rift PuG Guide - Written by RaspFatality

Warrior Item spreadsheet - Written by Boltswiki

If you’re looking for new guides, remember you can always see which new RIFT guides have been added to Rift Community Guide Compendium by looking for the **NEW** tag next to each link!

Shard Community Events and Projects

Every week, many individual shard communities host their own fun events. These are a great way to meet new friends on your shard! Here are just a few of the past, current, and upcoming shard community events:

Past Events

Faeblight Town Hall – 7/15 - Elrar dropped in on the Faeblight shard on July 15th to chat with the Ascended in both Meridian and Sanctum. He’ll be stopping by every shard eventually, so keep your eyes out for him!

Current/Upcoming Events

Acta Luna Monthly Newsletter: July Edition - The folks on the Faeblight shard have published their July edition of the Acta Luna Monthly Newsletter. Check it out!

RP Meet & Greet on Faeblight - The Faeblight community is holding a big RP Meet & Greet even for both factions. The exact dates and times are listed in the discussion thread — this is one shin-dig you won’t want to miss!

This brings us to the end of our fifth Talk of Telara! We hope you enjoyed it! We’ll be on the hunt for more stellar community news and events, and artistic creations for next time. If you have a shard event, community news, creative works, or anything else you’d like to see if the next Talk of Telara, please feel free to PM a member of the Community Team, or email us at for consideration.

Talk of Telara Archive

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