Coming to PAX Prime? Run a dungeon with your guild! (Or just Party with us!)

Posted by on 16 August 2011

Hail Ascended!

RIFT is coming to PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington at the end of the month – but that’s only half the story. We want you to be a part of the show!

If you’re showing up with some of your guildmates, we want to invite you to apply for a chance to take center stage and demonstrate all your awesome to everyone hanging around the RIFT booth. What do you need to do to volunteer? Simply drop us an email at with the subject “RIFT Dungeon @ PAX 2011” and the following info:

• Leader name
• Guild name
• Dungeon of choice
• Estimated time
• Contact e-mail / instant messenger info

For the dungeon, choose one you’re all familiar with and have the gear needed to complete it – you’ll be running this on your actual characters! It should take an hour or less for you to complete the dungeon.

Now you might be saying “I’m not in a guild, why should I be excited about RIFT being at PAX?” The obvious answer is, because I’m going to be there! But if that doesn’t do it for you – well how about a special VIP party with the red carpet rolled out for you, our loyal customer on Friday night? You can say it…awww yeah!

Come hang out with me, Abigale, and the RIFT development team as we party the night away. Just stop by our booth on Friday and pick up your golden ticket to our chocolate factory. And by chocolate, I mean: Hooty the Owl. That’s right, everyone who attends the Trion Community party will get a code for this great, new companion pet! Who doesn’t like free in-game items?

If you would like to attend the Trion Community Party and you will not be at PAX on Friday, please send us an email at and we will arrange to get you a ticket.

And don’t think we forgot about all of you out there in TV Land – we’re giving you a shot to win a trip for two to PAX Prime. Check out the “Send me to PAX” contest to enter.

Of course, if you’re across the pond you can come join us at Gamescom instead. We’ll be having a party there too – so whether you’re coming to Gamescom or PAX, we’ll see you soon!

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