Talk of Telara #7

Posted by on 17 August 2011
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Greetings, Ascended! This week we bring you the seventh edition of Talk of Telara, our bi-weekly community feature that highlights fan art, fan fiction, videos, guides and events created by you, our amazing and talented Rift community members. With PAX coming up and a new patch, we have some really exciting things to show you this week!



Trion is at Gamescom this year! We have all sorts of events planned for you and even a party! Come meet the RIFT EU Community Team, win some prizes, pick up some swag and have a blast! Don’t know what your missing? Well here are a few sneak pictures of the Trion booth before the crowds get in! Click on the image to see more pictures.



We recently announced our newest contest, a trip to PAX and an invite to the Trion Community Party with the Trion team! We asked that users submit their own homemade videos and we would put the top 5 to a public vote to see who won. In the end, it was Laughter who won the contest. We’ll see you at PAX Laughter and congratulations once again!

Similar to what we are doing at Gamescom, Trion will be hosting a party at PAX Friday night! If you don’t think you will make it to PAX on Friday but would still like to attend our party, simply drop us an email at and we will arrange for you to get a ticket. We also announced last week that players had the chance to show their skills off live and in person at our RIFT booth along with their guild! We have all the instructions listed here if your interested in showing the near 70,000 other people that will be at PAX why your the best guild out there!


Alienware Weekend Competitions

There is only one more weekend event to go in Alienware Arena’s Rift Online Weekend Competitions. Enter for a chance to win an Alienware M14x laptop and other prizes!


Community Events

Our weekly Community Events are running at full steam now and in-game titles have been awarded to the winners. Remember to always keep an eye on the forums, or get notifications when the events start on our official Facebook and Twitter if you want your “Detective,” “Know-It-All” or “Stalker” title!
Here are our winners for last week’s Community Events! Congratulations, all!

Where in the World is Elrar? (earn “the Stalker” title) 

Where in the World is Elrar? – 8/4/11

  • FuseAQM
  • Lord Garrius DeTylmar
  • Silverhawkcloudborne
  • Xonia
  • atheos-of-dimroot
  • Rizz
  • Coolstorybro
  • Shajik
  • Saus
  • Ryvick
  • Wolfviking
  • Warrox
  • Zaiana
  • Zalast
  • Uziell

Scavenger Hunt (earn the “Detective” title)

Scavenger Hunt – 8/12/11

  • Preon
  • Holly
  • Enky
  • Davexeno
  • McPhailure
  • Antjenko
  • SpeedyBE
  • Aieny
  • secretowl
  • Naria
  • foretje
  • Delora
  • kelah
  • QueenoftheGame
  • Skuznuts


Community Creations

Once again, we turn the spotlight on those creative community members who have shared their artistic, writing, and video-making talents with us. Be sure to check out the Fan ArtFan Fiction, and Fan Videos forums for more, but here are a few of our favorites.


Fan Art

This issue, we bring you some amazing artwork by Zhuah and a few incredible screenshots by one of our newest Ambassadors, Laughter. Enjoy!

Nonsense and falderol - RIFT Fan Art by Zhuah

Artistic Screenshots - RIFT Fan Art by Laughter


Fan Fiction

Here is a rather unique story about the stressful job that it is to be a crafter in the world of Telara and their struggle to craft an epic item by one of our community members, Landru. Below is just a small bit of the story, but be sure to click the link to find out how it goes!

Raid of the Crafters…or…Manufactury of Madness. - By Landru

The twenty Grandmaster Crafters have gathered and stand ready. They have assembled themselves advantageously with proper numbers from each of their disciplines, and they are led by the most fearless and savvy among them. Irving, the Armorsmith of AhhhhIGotIt!. Long has Irving studied what they are about to face, histories of other expeditions both failed and successful, and he stands ready…his glowing Topmaul of Towering Tumescence held high, blazing brightly in the deepening shadows of the evening…

Fan Videos/Music

Forum user Ideadly has created his very own RIFT trailer! Take a look and see what you think.

Rift Cinematic, quite dramatic ;p - RIFT Video by Ideadly


Shard Community Events & Projects

Are you looking for something exciting and fun to do with other members of your shard community? Find out what your fellow members have been up to and watch out for these current and upcoming shard community events:


Past Events

The Season Finale of The Telara Saga! - The final event of the Telara Saga happened recently on Faeblight. Find out how the epic raid on the Defiant leaders in Meridian went. 

RP Duelist Event - The House of the Silver Dragon guild on Harrow held a dueling event today in Meridian. Curious to see how it went? Take a look….


Current/Upcoming Events

Legacy of the Covenant presents: FESTIVAL OF SQUIRRELS – Aug 31 - Come join the festivities on Faeblight as the Guardians celebrate the Festivities of the Squirrels!
<Esti Efiu> GDKP Runs – Saturday 4pm Server - Interested in joining a GDKP raid run? Not sure what a GDKP raid run is? Click the link to find out more.

RP Meet and Greet on Faeblight - The dates are approaching for the RP Meet and Greet event on Faeblight, read on for more details!

Tavern Night Tuesdays! (Guardian RP Event) - Community member Zarukhad has started an on-going weekly RP event for Guardians on the Shadefallen shard.

That’s all for this issue! If you have a shard event, community news, creative works, or anything else you’d like to see if the next Talk of Telara, please feel free to PM a member of the Community Team, or email us at for consideration.


Talk of Telara Archive

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