Q&A with Adam Gershowitz @ gamescom 2011

Posted by on 18 August 2011

Today marked the beginning of our intensive stage schedule, where we had the pleasure to bring Adam Gershowitz up on stage to answer community and live crowd questions. We wanted to get these questions up for you to read through as soon as we could and hopefully you’ll be as excited as we are with the answers!

Read on for some Adam action!


Q: What is your overall impression of Hammerknell and fixing the bugs that came with it?

A: We tested Hammerknell very heavily; we had 100s of people running through and testing these encounters. When we rolled it out to the public, and even more were running it, we found issues as is to expect when so many are playing. That said, Hammerknell worked well for us. Yes there are bugs but we fix them almost daily. When they get reported to us we turn around and fix them right away. Players so far have been excited about the speed of fixes and the dungeon itself.

Q: Where do you see RIFT in 2 years?

A: Bigger and better than now. If you’re a player you’ve seen a lot of content added already, but we’re working on a number of things to make everything even more exciting. I’m talking about even more instances and more open world content that will change how the world works.

Q: Will the Bard be buffed?

A: We have 32 souls; each one is unique and special. With every patch we take a look at every single class. Will it be worked on? Absolutely. Will it be buffed in the next patch? I can’t say that, but we’re looking at the Bard and a number of classes for future patches.

Q: Are you afraid that other games, like Diablo III, may take players from RIFT?

A: There are always going to be other games and we can’t be afraid of what other games may do. To that end we can continue to make sure we provide excellent service and new game content and events. We’re making sure that RIFT is the best game it can possibly be. We’re also playing the game and we obviously want those things ourselves and for features to develop in a manner that keeps the experience fresh.

Q: Will there be more content for single player?

A: Good question. Yes there will be with our upcoming patch 1.5, to be released at the end of September. We’ll introduce a new type of dungeon content, called Chronicles. If you were here for our demo at gamescom, you’ll have seen that high level players can go into these Chronicles solo or with other players. It’s a way for us to bring content to new players, but high end payers will also want to get in there because they’ll offer a lot of really cool rewards, such as new achievements, collections, vanity items and clothing (including the Mudantix mount that you may be familiar with).

Q: Will there ever be more than 64 points to spend on souls, especially PVP souls?

A: Short answer yes. Long answer: not until we release an expansion. With the next patch (1.5) we’re introducing something we call Planar Advancement. Once players reach level 50, the experience they continue to gain will not go away, it will funnel into a Planar Advancement Meter, through which they can get bonuses, unique vanity effects, special combat bonuses, or teleporting friend. So you can venture beyond the RIFT soul tree with these Planar Advancements.

Q: Will there be more things like crafting rifts and daily crafting quests?

A: One of the things we constantly working on is updating crafting rifts. Players who enjoy crafting will see plenty of updates and improvements moving forward. One thing we’re talking about is having a united currency for all trade skills to spend where you wish rather than having one for each trade skill. We also want to give more opportunity to play through this content. New daily/weekly quests are in the works in the next patch or two which will help speed the process up and add interesting content at the same time. We’re also looking to add more crafting rifts.

Q: When can we expect the next patch?

A: Ah, we have two big events coming up. First up is 1.5 at the end of September. Before that, next week, we have a six month RIFT party planned. On the 25th of August the game will be opened up for everybody to celebrate this half-year birthday, for a full week. There will be bonuses for old and new players alike, including to experience gain, prestige gain, and several new rewards. It’s an event for new players, for returning players and for those who want to really embrace RIFT.

1.5 will have the new Chronicle dungeons mentioned before and master mode ultra-hard dungeon content. Beyond that, in coming content additions, we’re adding a whole bunch of new things, including zones, dungeons and so on. We’re adding a Weekend Warfront called the Runeking’s Library. We’re also looking at a large scale 40 on 40 PVP RIFT coming in.