Wait, day one is already over?!?

Posted by on 18 August 2011
Categories: Community News.

Here we are at last. We’ve joined up with everyone else in the Trion team, sitting in the hotel, trying to think of something interesting and clever to write about. Day one is over, so there’s a lot of stuff to say, right?


For all those of you who aren’t aware of the gamescom schedule (I imagine quite a few of you), the Wednesday is open to trade visitors only. So this was by far the quietest day of the week. Saturday, however? Oh, you’ll read about that on Sunday… if we’re still alive!

That being said, day one was a blast. We had a lot of interested people come by the booth to say hi and try our games, old and new friends alike. Many fansites were coming to our booth, however predominantly German and French ones.

We already gave out quite a few invitations to our glorious community party, because as it turns out, people working on these RIFT fansites are actually fans of the game (duh!)! You guys are the best, really. We are definitely looking forward to seeing you all at the party.

As can be seen below, people also loved our monstrous End of Nations Guardian (we call it „the giant machinegunner“ internally)! While it doesn’t have motorics to plow through the showfloor (maybe next year), the seat is fully functional and there’s been a constant queue to have pictures taken.

You may want to check Trion’s End of Nations out, by the way – here’s the website, the Twitter and Facebook pages! Unfortunately we couldn’t have people photographed in a Defiant teleportation device, the Guardians veto’ed that.

Well then. Thursday’s right ahead, the first day open to the masses. Let the games begin!