Winners of the Telaran Scavenger Hunt 8/18/11

Posted by on 18 August 2011
Categories: Community News.

Thanks to everyone who played. This week’s winners of the Telaran Scavenger Hunt are as follows:
1. Boltswiki
2. Sunastian
3. Gansky
4. ChainTrap
5. Presi
6. Xhae
7. Leyley
8. Tsula
9. grel
10. Hatteras
11. Lilithe
12. Finlayfox
13. Aerdon
14. Leianni
15. Sunken
16. Frost Pawn
17. Axworthy

Since they posted at the exact same time as Sunken, I’m going to consider Frost Pawn the 16th winner this week. And it looks like I somehow missed Axworthy, so there’s a 17th, as well. 

Thanks for playing everyone!