Houston? We need more coffee over here!

Posted by on 19 August 2011
Categories: Community News.

We have been told gamescom would only grow bigger and bigger every day. We didn’t believe them. We should have.

The booth was constantly attacked by hordes of onlookers and dozens of players that actually just came to say “Hello!”. It’s really heart-warming to see so many people coming around here to meet our team and everyone from Trion present here in Cologne. And indeed today we were able to start showing them what we are really capable of!

Events all the time, lots of gifts, goodies for everyone and interviews with our development team! Of course you know that we’ve have planned dozens of events throughout the week, but the real kick-off actually happened this morning and we went on all day long, with amazing feedback on our booth, as often as humanly possible!

We were also happy to welcome the guild Unleashed who showed us how to properly clear dungeons in RIFT, the first Razer prizes went to our first winners from our End of Nations mini-tournaments and many questions from the community have already found their answers (with Adam among others). We also had a surprise dungeon run by Zorn des Phönix  and a not-so-quick PvP intermezzo by a great player from Thelyn Ennor! Today was full of great surprises.

We try to keep you up-to-date about all the activity happening here (you can even take a look at our booth yourself!  The webcam will be open during normal show hours), and if you do not get lost in the crowd at our booth, come and say hi!


But anyway, seriously, isn’t there any coffee left for us to survive the whole weekend?


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