Saturday. Just Saturday.

Posted by on 21 August 2011

Where to begin? Saturday. Wow, simply wow! That’s not even a complete sentence, but Saturday defied every possible meaning of the word „average“, warranting expression beyond linguistic convention. It was crazy, it was fantastic, it was a superlative in every sense.

So, what happened then? Read all about it after the break. It’s a lot.

You should’ve seen the masses flooding into the halls. It was an impressive sight to behold. There were in fact way more people pouring into the enormous convention halls than there was available space. At around 11am, gamescom was forced to close its doors to anyone who hadn’t yet entered and ticket sales immediately ceased. There were roughly 30,000 people still waiting in front of the entrances to be allowed in, and – understandably – the halls were packed.

With two guild runs and one Q&A with Russ Brown going on in addition to a lot of End of Nations happenings, Saturday also brought the tightest schedule of the week. The two guilds „Game Over“ and „distorted Insanity Crew“ showed us neat runs through the Runic Descent and Abyssal Precipice, with some of the most challenging bosses ever to grace a dungeon.

And then there was the swag. Whoa Nelly, did we throw swag to the masses. When Crazy Bob stepped up, our very venerable stage moderator at gamescom (who really earned his title), we had people surrounding the booth, craving for teh phat lootz [sic]. With full, boxed versions of the game being given away, people were jumping in what could only be described as attempts to set a new world record.

The Saturday’s main event, however, followed later in the evening.

The Community Party was just as much a success as the preceding show, quickly establishing itself as the place to be. The venue, called Bauwerk, was packed to bursting, and more than 500 lovable Hooties found their ways to all the visiting fans.

The ambiance was relaxed, with German, French and English talking people happily mixing together and interacting as if they’d have known each other forever. A great atmosphere permeated the many nooks and crannies of the venue and we hope that everyone who managed to make it had a great time. Worth mentioning is that the party was planned until 11pm, but that we extended it to midnight since we saw no reason to cut short the magic.

We’d also like to address a tiny detail that was asked to us several times, regarding how much the party would cost and if drinks and food would be expensive. Folks, you need to seek and find the true spirit of a community party. This was our present to the people most important to us: YOU. Of course everything was free!

And with the party ending, so did also the day end (for most of us). Sunday’s bravely underway at the moment of this writing. Let’s hope it turns out just as successful as yesterday!