** Incoming EU Region Update – 1:45am GMT 25/8/11 **

Posted by on 24 August 2011
Categories: Game Updates, Hot Fixes.

Good evening!

The EU region shards will be coming down for a quick update at 1:45am GMT, 25/8/11. The estimated downtime is ** 60 minutes **.

Patch notes will be updated!

I’ll be back during the downtime with status updates. :)

EDIT: 12:45am GMT: Due to network issues at the Trion office, this update will be delayed tonight and I’ll have another update as soon as things settle down and we can get it going. :)
EDIT: 1:20am GMT: We’ve now scheduled this update to occur at 1:45am GMT; thanks for bearing with us!

EDIT: 1:45am GMT: EU region shards are coming down for this update now!

EDIT: 2:00am GMT: Shards are currently Locked, pending final checks!

EDIT: 2:18am GMT: All EU shards are now unlocked – enjoy! :)