PAX – Day 1 Wrap Up

Posted by on 28 August 2011

BOOM Goes the Dynamite as we kick off another year of PAX!

Yesterday was electrifying as Penny Arcade 2011 kicked off – thousands of people descended on the Trion booth from the first minute the doors opened. Eager to see RIFT for the first time after its launched  (or just log in and do their dailies while taking advantage of the Half Birthday Bonuses.) Some of you even showed up and helped us demonstrate RIFT to others – it was epic to watch how awesome our community really is!

The massive life rift that is our booths centerpiece was visible in every direction – it’s mighty tendrils reaching out as you guys marched onwards like an invasion, clad in RIFT gear.

That's what I call dessert!Hundreds showed up for our massive party – it was amazing to meet so many of you and to hear your stories, your feedback, and how much you’ve been enjoying your time in Telara. The entire community team was in attendance raffling off high-end gaming peripherals and mingling through the different groups while many of you lined up to tell your RIFT stories to our camera crew.

And finally, a shout out to our lady gamers – the whole team was impressed by your demographic shattering turnout and enthusiasm.

It was a smashing evening and we look forward to many such future events. Stay tuned for more from PAX 2011!


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