PvP Gear Improvements – Now with a touch of Vengeance!

Posted by on 31 August 2011

They say Vengeance is a dish best served cold – but we felt that improving your experience in PvP was worthy of a Hot Fix. So with the next patch we are improving the way Valor is used and introducing a new PvP stat called “Vengeance.”

Before we get into “What is Vengeance?” and the Valor changes involved, it’s easiest to understand after explaining why we are making changes to PvP Gear.

Ensuring PvP Gear is the Best Gear for PvP

Through your feedback and watching the introduction of the new Prestige Ranks closely – it became clear that there was some concern about PvP Gear’s effectiveness outside of PvP when combined with the new Synergy Crystals. Just as the gear you may have obtained from Expert Dungeons or Raiding allows you to prepare for the next level of content in PvE so too should PvP Gear make you more effective in PvP.

We’re absolutely fine when the two overlap – and think it’s a great way to encourage you to participate in all types of content without feeling too much at a disadvantage due to spending your time playing one part of the game over the other.

Our concern is when one becomes the best-in-slot for the other. We have worked to address these concerns now and for the future.

These changes also work in tandem with another goal – ensuring players entering PvP have an enjoyable experience while still rewarding those who have earned the highest ranks.

While we have heard and understand your suggestions to simply “split up the warfront queues into separate tiers based on rank” – in the end this suggestion would actually make the experience worse for everyone and would not scale nicely over time.

Instead, we’re front-loading more Valor via the changes below and in time will also introduce Valor augments, allowing crafters to make their creations PvP gear and making Valor considerably more available.

Changes to Valor

With this Hot Fix you will find that all 4 PvP sets will share the same amount of total valor. This means that the set earned in Ranks 1 & 2 has the same amount of valor as provided by the set earned over Ranks 7 & 8. How much? It works out to 751 Valor, or a 30.04% Damage Reduction.  Instead of being differentiated by survivability, they will be differentiated by their main stats.

In addition – we’re making some changes to the Revered trinkets earned from the Eldritch Seekers (Defiant) and The Unspoken (Guardian) PvP Merchants. You can expect their power to be brought in line with Raid Rift loot while their offensive bonus granted on use has been split with 50% being converted to Vengeance.  They’ll still have a PvE use, but remain primarily PvP loot.

What is Vengeance?

Vengeance is a new PvP stat that provides an Attack Power or Spell Power bonus to abilities used while engaged in PvP. Basically, 1 point of Vengeance = 1 point of Attack/Spell Power vs. players.

We’re introducing Vengeance initially through the above mentioned changes to the PvP Faction trinkets in addition to changing Attack Power or Spell Power bonuses provided by the 4 piece set bonus granted through the PvP Synergy Crystals. Essentially, half of the bonus will be converted into Vengeance – for example: If the synergy bonus granted 150 Attack Power it will now grant 75 Attack Power and 75 Vengeance.

We want to see how this new stat works without making broad changes and your feedback is an important part of the process!

PTS Test Tomorrow – 08/31 @ 2:00PM PDT

We want to ensure we’re on the right path and give you a sneak preview at the new changes on PTS before they go live in the next Hot Fix. Your feedback is always vital and we invite anyone interested in PvP to join us!

And before you ask – we know some of you may have spent the bonus-filled weekend earning PvP gear to use in PvE content. While we hope you enjoyed your experience you may be excited to know the bonuses we have turned on for the Half Birthday will be extended to allow all subscribers to enjoy them for a few days longer, especially those impacted by the storm over the weekend.

We know this might be a bit much to wrap your head around and encourage you to share any questions you might have in our discussion on the Official Forums – thanks for playing!

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