So long, and thanks for all the PAX!

Posted by on 2 September 2011

Almost a week later, the TRION Community team is still riding high on the post-PAX wave. While some of it can easily be attributed to the fact that – for the first time in recent history – none of us got the dread plague, PAX pox, I like to think that it’s really about how invigorating, exhilarating – and humbling it is to get so much face-time with so many of the best Community members in gaming.

This time last year, RIFT was definitely a dark horse in the PAX race, but this year it seemed like everyone knew exactly what we were about and made a decided effort to make our booth one of their first stops. So, to everyone who made it out to see us at the booth or attend our Community Party, thank you!  We’ve got a lot of great stuff happening in our Community and we wouldn’t be where we are without our amazing Community members.

Here are a few things you, our Community members, shared with us last week via Facebook and Twitter:

“Best marketing booth at #pax? Rift/End of Nations. Quick access to gameplay, free shirts n hats just for playing, helpful staff.”

“@RIFTgame Had a totally sweet time at the Community party. It even convinced my friend to resub. Thanks for a great event! :)

“Thanks for the AWESOME party on Friday night! My boyfriend was the first to win those amazing prizes you gave out. The food was good too :) I’d definitely attend another trion party if you guys do one next year.”

“Thanks for putting on a great show. Everyone was amazingly cool and the swag was the best at the show.”

We’d also like to thank RIFT Junkies for coming out to the booth and providing some great coverage of both RIFT and our free-to-play MMO RTS End of Nations, Rift Reporter who got some candid interviews with a few of us on the Community Team and Hal Hanlin, Community member Laughter who won our “Send me to PAX!” contest, and EON Community member Cyber who posted an eight page report on everything he saw at PAX.

In case you missed our ongoing coverage from the event, these spots are great places to start.

Additionally, thank you all for the Half-Birthday wishes! Whether you were posting on our forums, Facebook or twitter, we were thrilled that so many of you sent such wonderful feedback about the events – in and out of game…your contest submissions were pretty rockin’, too. If you haven’t had a chance, you really should check them out here.  Some of them are simply AMAZING.

Want to see more pictures from the shows? Check out our PAX and gamescom photo galleries – if you see yourself in a picture, be sure to “tag” it. ;)

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who joined us for the seven days of free play time. It was great to have you join us in Telara. Both the in-game events and the half-birthday sale have been extended until September 6th, so let’s keep this party going and /dance!