PTS Event Today, 9/7 @ 3:30PM PDT – Chronicles of Telara!

Posted by on 7 September 2011

Hail Ascended!

Join us today (9/7) on the Public Test Shard (PTS) @ 3:30PM PDT (10:30PM GMT) for another round of testing the new Chronicles of Telara in Hammerknell and Greesnscales Blight!

Chronicles of Telara – Hammerknell Fortress & Greenscales Blight

The gates of Hammerknell have been shattered and you and one companion must investigate the corruption of King Molinar, lord of Hammerknell. The king and his son, Prince Dollin, brood in their dark throne room, corrupted by the death energies that surround them. Discover the mystery of what befell the King and his heir as you explore the ancient fortress and the evils that now haunt the halls.

On the other side of the great continent, beneath the ruins of Caer Mathos, the prison of another ancient dragon stirs with the wild energies of life. Greenscale, Prince Hylas, and the minions of the Aelfwar have created a treacherous garden – its throbbing organic mass seeking to extinguish the life of all intruders as an ever-changing hedge maze seeks to confuse and drive you deeper into its maw.

Chronicles of Telara are a new feature arriving in RIFT with Update 1.5, allowing up to two players to delve deeper into the history of Telara and its heroes. The intended difficulty provides a challenge to freshly minted level 50′s and reward even the most battle hardened Ascended with a deeper understanding and new places to explore within the world around you.

Please note, the loot tables are not final – this is still a work in progress!

Character Copy to PTS! 

You can now copy your character to the Public Test Shard! Simply click the Transfer button when you’re at Character select on the Live client and select “Copy to PTS” – it’s as easy as that! (though there may be a few bugs/limitations we’re working out). We will no longer be offering Gear/Leveling vendors with the introduction of this feature (except when testing requires it.)

You will need to download the PTS client if you have not done so already, this is approximately the same size as installing the full game and may take some time. For more information about PTS and how to access it please see:

Welcome to the Public Test Shard! – Getting Started

We look forward to seeing you there – have fun!