** Upcoming Extended NA Maintenance – 8:00am PDT 9/21/11 **

Posted by on 21 September 2011
Categories: Game Updates, Hot Fixes.

Good evening!

The NA region shards will be coming down for both a hotfix and extended hardware update/maintenance tomorrow morning at 8:00am PDT, 9/21/11. The estimated downtime is presently ** 3 hours ** although we will be attempting to keep it from taking the full window.

Patch notes will be updated!

I’ll be back in the morning with status updates during the downtime. :)

EDIT: 8:00am PDT: Shards are coming down for this update and maintenance now!

EDIT: 8:30am PDT: Nothing too crazy to report yet, the hardware maintenance is underway and moving along. :)

EDIT: 9:00am PDT: Maintenance continuing on as expected!

EDIT: 9:30am PDT: Things are moving into the verification stages now, making good progress on wrapping this up and bringing back shards!

EDIT: 10:00am PDT: Getting closer, verification testing still underway that the hardware is up and running like it should be. I’ll update prior to 30m from now if there’s more info before then!

EDIT: 10:30am PDT: Hotfix update is running now and shards will be returning for online verification shortly. It looks like Laethys will be lagging behind the others a bit this morning due to an additional hardware battery swap.

EDIT: 10:45am PDT: Shards are being verified now, plus an additional failover test before unlocking.

EDIT: 10:50am PDT: Laethys is making up time and all shards should be ready for unlocking in the next few minutes.

EDIT: 10:54am PDT: NA shards – all of them – are unlocking now!