** Upcoming EU 1.5 Update – 1:00am GMT 29/9/11 **

Posted by on 28 September 2011
Categories: Game Updates, Hot Fixes.

Good evening!

The EU region shards will be coming down for the update to 1.5 at 1:00am GMT, 29/9/11. The estimated downtime is ** 120 minutes **.

Patch notes are currently posted on the English forums and will also be updated on the game patcher and French and German versions.

I’ll be back during the downtime with status updates!

EDIT: 1:00am GMT: The EU shards are coming down for update 1.5 now!

EDIT: 1:22am GMT: EU shards are currently locked and getting the full verification rundown!

EDIT: 1:29am GMT: EU shards are now unlocked – welcome to 1.5! :)