Where in the World is Elrar? Earn “the Stalker” title!

Posted by on 6 October 2011
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Where in the World is Elrar?

Elrar has been visiting Telara and exploring every nook and cranny! Can you keep up with him? We want you to identify where he has been!

We will post a screenshot on the forum of Elrar taken somewhere in Telara. Find the same spot and take a screenshot of your character in the same place. Post it on the Official Forums. As I am running the contest for Elrar (probably on vacation), and yours truly dropped the ball last week, the first 30 people (this week only!) to post a shot of their own character in the same spot as Elrar will be awarded the in game title of “the Stalker!”

Due to a new awesome, whiztastic, almost automagical process, winners will be announced on the forums and the titles will be distributed TODAY!

Please make sure your screenshot is from the same vantage as Elrar.

We’ll be changing the day and time of this event each week, so if you don’t have a chance to participate today, you might get lucky next week – follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get immediate updates when we post a new Community Event!

Today’s photo:

Click Here to Post @ The Official Forums!

Submit a picture any way you want, via your favorite image sharing site or by adding an attachment to your post! (But remember, if you use facebook, the images must be accessible to the public – so check your album settings!)

Did you know you can take and upload screenshots directly in-game? Just check out the RIFTConnect page for more.





Congratulations to this week’s winners:


1. trine351
2. Sharizta
3. Dimitre
4. gcaster
5. Arcii
6. Ghostblade
7. Rosette
8. Hellions
9. Oaf
10. Sethsh
11. Naga
12. Jakeywunder
13. Holly
14. Dat Epi
15. Variety
16. Frost Pawn
17. scubab
18. Racket
19. rhz
20. Azeros
21. Hellthrive
22. -Shiva-
23. pindooca
24. Clorix
25. Resonance22
26. Naga
27. Buzman
28. Glytter
29. f33dback
30. Ghostblade