Earn the Title “Know it All” — Community Trivia Contest 10/07/2011

Posted by on 7 October 2011
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It’s time for some more trivia! If you are one of the first 25 to answer correctly, we’ll award you the in-game title “Know it All”!

Answers can be found on the website, and before you copy someone else’s answer it’s a good idea to make sure they are correct! ;)

Good luck!

Q: Which Dragon of the Blood Storm is known for being covetous of knowledge?

Please place your answers in this weeks trivia thread located @ the RIFT forums.




Congrats to this week’s winners:

1. Mythious
2. intrinsc
3. SiiLva
4. GLopez
5. Dementic
6. Neykho
7. Aodghaey
8. Lolert
9. Pixel Monkey
10. trine351
11. Kendo
12. Aluano
13. Golden
14. Alyvian
15. StrifeV

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