Ashes of History World Event Starts Wednesday, 10/12!

Posted by on 11 October 2011

Update 10/13 – 12:30PM PDT: The World Event is now live, thanks again for your patience during the delay. Have fun!

Your fiery Ash Strider mount awaits as the forces of Fire and Earth descend upon Telara!

Beginning tomorrow Rift™ players will face the combined forces of Earth and Fire in the game’s latest World Event, the Ashes of History. Wanton and Golden Maw cultists have joined forces to find and transport mysterious artifacts across the Telaran sea, and it’s up to Ascended to discover what the slaves of Laethys and Maelforge are plotting out beyond the horizon. Ashes of History features new daily quests, rifts, and invasions that offer Magma Opals, currency that can be used to purchase scorching rewards, including rare and epic weapons, a glittering oreling companion, and the fearsome Ash Strider mount.

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