** Upcoming NA Update – 12:00pm PDT 10/13/11 **

Posted by on 13 October 2011
Categories: Game Updates, Hot Fixes.

Good afternoon!

In approximately 30 minutes the NA region shards will be coming down for a hotfix that includes a latency bug fix that should allow us to turn the Ashes of History world event back on. The shards will be coming down at 12:00pm PDT 10/13/11 for an estimated downtime of 30 minutes.

Patch notes will be updated!

I’ll be here during the downtime with status updates. :)

EDIT: 12:00pm PDT: NA shards are coming down for this update now!

EDIT: 12:11pm PDT: Shards are returning as Locked now, pending final checks.

EDIT: 12:18pm PDT: NA shards are unlocked now!