Halloween Costume Contest – Vote for your Favorite Costume!

Posted by on 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween Boys and Ghouls!

We have narrowed down all of the wonderful submissions we received over the past week to select 10 finalists in each category: “THE BEAUTIFUL”, “THE BIZARRE”, and “THE TERRIFYING. These 30 individuals are now up for your viewing pleasure on the Official Forums!

We’re inviting you to help pick the top 3 costumes in each category – the 9 lucky entrants will win 3 rare in-game items.

So hop over to the three threads below and click the “Like” button for whichever one you think stole the show – have fun!

Voting is open until next Monday, November 7th @ 10AM PST

The Terrifying – Put on your most menacing/scariest face as you try to intimidate or creep your way to the top! Finalists in this category will earn themselves a flashy pair ofPauldrons of Earthen Might, a pair of rock-hard shoulders for your rock-hard abs (or kegs, for dwarves *wink*)

The Beautiful – Be the dainty damsel or dashing dude of everyone’s desire! Be G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, flossy, flossy…okay I’ll never do that again, but if you love dolling yourself up or putting the BRO in BROCLIFF then get gellin’ cause we have the fanciful Hooty, the Owlhoo could be your attaché as you roll down the runway (see wut I did thar?)

The Bizarre – Whether you look like you’re from another planet or you just graduated from the clown academy, what’s Halloween without the wacky and the weird? Be funny, creative, or just plain out there – to match you’re weirdness we’re awarding the equally strange Cookie, the Bogling Chef…your choice to eat what she’s serving!