Guild Spotlight — Sacred Haven

Posted by on 3 November 2011
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Guild Spotlight — Sacred Haven

Sacred Haven was born in June of 1996, by Sarcoth and several friends who were playing Meridian59. Over the last 15 years, more than 1,000 players have called themselves members of this gaming family, spanning a litany of titles including Ultima Online, Everquest, Everquest 2, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Age of Conan, and now…RIFT! Sarcoth elaborates, “We are planning to remain in Telara for a long time and Rift has now become our primary guild chapter.”

Sacred Haven started out as a guild that hunted PvP’ers until they started playing Everquest, at which point they shifted focus to helping newer players.  After six months in EQ, they again shifted their focus to family raiding until EQ2 launched and they formed as a raiding guild right from the start. But this change was not without complications – many members lost interest and the guild lost momentum until the Vanguard beta began.

As soon as possible, the majority of Sacred Haven migrated to Vanguard and kept raiding together until the RIFT beta launched. Sarcoth says that “Many members of the VG guild quickly fell in love with Rift and approximately 90% of our members from VG moved over.  Not only that, we saw the return of members from ALL our past chapters.  When Rift began, we had over 100 members on the starting day.”  He also goes on to mention with pride that Sacred Haven was among the first Guardian guilds on Greybriar.  To date, they have made good progress through River of Souls and recently downed Greenscale.

Elaborating on their guild philosophy, Sarcoth explains “We are proud of all our accomplishments.  We may not be the first guild to complete raid zones, but through perseverance, we eventually defeat them all.  We don’t require members to raid, instead we want them all to have a good time.  Yet, the majority of our members love to raid anyway.” He also mentions that, three weeks ago two of their guild members who met in Vanguard were blessed with a daughter…appropriately, “Haven” was chosen as her middle name.

We’d like to thank Sarcoth, Zorus and the entire roster of Sacred Haven for helping us get all this great information about their guild. If you’d like more information about them, check out their guild website at  We’ve also got a discussion thread here on the forums and we’d love your feedback!

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