Rift Extra Life Award Winners

Posted by on 3 November 2011

The Rift Extra Life event was great fun and we enjoyed playing alongside many of you to help raise over 1 million dollars for Children’s Miracle Network. Thanks to all who participated!

Most of you who participated should have already received your in-game titles. Now it is time for some awards for achievements earned during the event. After carefully combing our logs, we can finally let you know who gets them!

For each category, the top achiever from each guild will get all 3 in-game item awards: Hooty, Cookie and the Spaulders of Earthen Might. These names are marked with an asterisk. Additionally, the next 4 runners up from each guild will also receive one of the 3 items. Note that we did have some ties so some categories have more than 5 winners.

Congratulations to the following participants! Your award will be delivered to you in game by the end of the week!

Highest Level- Hooty



Defiant *Aiyayaya *Willovain
Bahmirogue Jazix
Xinix Thrakatul
Boiledfrog Cleptimus
Melkido Tialindra
Guardian *Sindah *Gnerfed
Ixkara Endelon
Riela Braetus
Ladygadas Lifelike
Keee Amrethir

Most Favor- Hooty

Defiant *Nakama *Patika
Xinix Magick
Soonkyu Indlessqt
Melkido Demetrian
llynd Ikiriyio
Guardian *Riela *Tjfxl
Keee Braetus
Wulfrein Falcona
Chercher Bladerage
Lexxa Elidibus

Most Planarite- Spaulders of Earthen Might

Defiant *Zocokoko *Bandaroi
Zhiva Mulder
Zoee Metztli
Janedoe Tizzy
Sorvahna Scully
Guardian *Iellwen *Kitasia
Elcmhaire Archaeologist
Omot Regan
Tapioca Jinx
Aranka Pussnboots

Highest Tradeskills- Cookie

Defiant *Selyn *Rilos
Ariade Jazix
Romaryike Scully
Foxxycleo Xylvara
Ghrea Snackycakes
Guardian *Xalin *Jerl
Chriistania Meead
Donda Paganlust
Elcmhaire Tallylicker
Deyja Ctxhgielak

Most Achievement Points- Spaulders of Earthen Might

Defiant *Noodley *Sonoko
Inkthedink Idle
Bobb Zontaz
Roj Technomage
Nodoz Akhet
Guardian *Saikah *Lunark
Hellshiver Falcona
Ixkara Chasey
Saintscall Basuel
Mudir Ashtoroth

Most Dungeons (*All tied for top spots)

Defiant Twopercentmelk Benny
Melknorris Hilemmy
Manmelk Xochi
Yeap Klauson
Drmelktini Saran
Guardians Chachachachia Caldazar
Honeysuckle Endelon
Quesnel Kraux
Oleander Salael
Pompom Kiraine

 Most Artifacts Gathered- Spaulders of Earthen Might

Defiant *Stabbington *Laurie
Cer Idle
Mihail Casylia
Likatu Benadryl
Khaarl Sonoko
Guardian *Sindah *Marit
Yeuo Draconiaironheart
Chriistania Archaeologist
Deyja Seyanne
Mantequilla Vestacha

Fewest Deaths (Level 15+)- Cookie

Defiant *Jindoha *Isperia
Fawnas Muni
Vayla Selirria
Kathie Bammbam
Almira Gevoth
Tomswhisperingeye Dezren
Guardian *Cindylee *Siga
Caramine *Dollar
Kolchak *Shilah
Jarvica *Dobi
Seyanne Filthylogic

Most Critter Kills- Hooty

Defiant *Vayla *Changa
Littlebunnyfufu Nuisance
Caritas Adria
Ladychocula Inkthedink
Sonoko Hanryo
Guardian *Seyanne *Grel
Christianbale Aleira
Slikkback Seighin
Merlotte Stormageddon
Draconiaironheart Elcmhaire

Most Money Earned- Spaulders of Earthen Might

Defiant *Aiyayaya *Trixxys
Limelight Michigan
Lulzminate Klauson
Khaarl Calendula
Xetye Hilemmy
Guardian *Spyinourmidst *Fyrefox
Sindah Creggers
Ixkara Chasey
Oleander Regan
Chriistania Helucy

Most PvE Deaths- Cookie

Defiant *Fancypantyz *Willovain
Phineas Sonoko
Noodley Bandraoi
Fenerir Littlebunnyfufu
Bigpurplecharityman Juliane
Guardians *Yeuo *Taloneth
Asyouwish Sherlockholmes
Saintscall Chasey
Tattina Nationz
Murdantix Draconiaironheart

Most PvP Deaths- Cookie

Defiant *Soonkyu *Magick
Kingofthewalruses Demetrian
Nakama Tialindra
Xinix Patika
Squaduli Willovain
Guardians *Hellshiver *Braetus
Wulfrein Tjfxl
Saikah Paacazullu
Riela Falcona
Lexxa Immortakai

 Darwin Awards - Hooty

And finally, we would like to present the Darwin Awards for the Most Self-Inflicted Deaths (includes drowning, falling and killing yourself with your own hp-draining ability).

Defiant *Zoeiy *Kailar
Llynd Shiki
Antares Patika
Noodley Vino
Fenerir Arylenna
Guardian *Ichi *Paacazullu
Saikah Falcona
Riela Harlotte
Sydin Ctxkryxsis
Trontin Tialindra

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