Telaran Scavenger Hunt – Earn the “Detective” Title!

Posted by on 4 November 2011
Categories: Community Events.

Greetings Ascended! It’s off to Amogl Dowo for the Telaran Scavenger Hunt!

For those of you just tuning in, this is just one of our Community Events, which we’ll be running once a week at varying times so that everyone has a chance to participate.

The first 25 people to find today’s scavenger hunt item and post a screenshot of it in your character’s inventory will be awarded the title of “the Detective!”

Please reply to the Scavenger Hunt thread with your screenshot. You may either post the screenshot as an attachment, or host it on an image sharing site and post the link. Please make sure the screenshot clearly shows your character’s and the scavenger hunt item in your inventory!

Note: Please try not to use Facebook pictures, as we have found that most of these do not show up do to the fact that you have to be friends with folks to see them.

Due to unforeseen behavior in the past, we have some new rules. On the screenshot, your general tab must be visible, and we must be able to see that you killed the mob and retrieved the item. Any shots with Combat or any other windows shown will be disqualified.  The contest is a scavenger hunt, and therefore the item must be found by one person. The item cannot be traded amongst multiple parties.

Here’s your clue!:

Someone is missing this tool...


We will also tell everyone that the item is not an artifact or a quest item. We’ll announce the winners here and on the forums. All winners will be awarded their title by next week!
Good luck everyone, and happy hunting!



Grats to this week’s winners:

1. Psypher
2. Tex
3. Laorne
4. f33dback
5. Zontaz
6. dispo
7. Razyn23
8. p3t3r1
9. Trickypaco
10. Yewdee
11. Orakk
12. Klana
13. BlueRider
14. Zeethy
15. Alwaysatodds
16. Jewels
17. Azo
18. jokerhero
19. KaiHeilos
20. Ashh
21. Dethv
22. Toxen
23. Zazzles
24. Dihydrogen Monoxide
25. Leif