Weekend Bonuses & New World Event: Fae Yule Arrive!

Posted by on 22 November 2011

Ho ho ho!

Grandfather Frost and the Yulemother have been hard at work all year preparing the first holiday World Event of Telara. Join your fellow ascended as you defend the world from Crucias cold grip as you give the light and warmth of the Yule to others during these darker months.

And it wouldn’t be a celebration without MEEAAAAAAD! Our favorite soused satyr will make his grand appearance, will he be the grinch or remain the honey swilling goat-man we’ve come to love?

Check out the 1.6 World Event: Fae Yule page or just hop in game – happy holidays!

EXTRA: Weekend Bonuses for Subscribers!

  • 30% Experience from kills
  • 30% Favor from kills
  • 30% Prestige from kills
  • 30% Dungeon Currency (Plaques & Marks)
  • 30% Planarite