Earn Free Game Time & In-Game Items: Ascend-A-Friend Upgraded!

Posted by on 23 November 2011

Are you on an Ember Steed? Do you want to be? Is that adorable dog at your side the envy of your friends or loved ones?

For a while now the Ascend-A-Friend program has been rewarding thousands of players for inviting their friends and family to join them in RIFT, but it wasn’t the most convenient feature – we heard your call and have now brought Ascend-A-Friend to you! You can effortlessly login to the game and access the Ascend-A-Friend program without having to remember the answers to your secret questions (which we hope you do remember the answers to by the way *wink*). Now you can invite, track, and remind your friends to come join you in your adventures across Telara – who doesn’t need a good meat shield or pocket healer? (Not that we would EVER do that…)

Convenience not enough? Well – how about more stuff, for you and your friend? Now you and your friend will each receive a bag filled with riches to help you on your adventures, all the while you’re racking up free game time and credit towards three awesome in-game rewards!

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