Update 1.6.1: Prepare for Instant Adventure!

Posted by on 7 December 2011

The Wanton Maw has drawn the full attention of  Telara to the shores of Ember Isle – but adventure can still be found throughout Stillmoor and Shimmersand! Journey alone or with friends as you join fellow ascended to push back the Blood Storm — read on to learn more about Instant Adventure, a public group with dynamically scaling quests that you can access from anywhere!

Action On Demand!

Only have a short time to play or waiting for your friends? Instant Adventure is just the solution! As its name implies the goal with Instant Adventure is to provide a new feature with content that you can enjoy, regardless of how much time you have to play.

You’ll explore the sands of Shimmersand and hills of Stillmoor with up to 20 others, upon entering an Instant Adventure group you’ll automatically accept the groups current quest. Instant Adventure offers a new way to explore familiar zones by dynamically scaling Instant Adventure quests as your group size grows and shrinks – but that’s not all, quest progress is persistent too so you’re always on the same step as everybody else in your adventure, no matter when you joined!

How To Join an Adventure

Jumping into an Instant Adventure couldn’t be any easier:

  • Log in to RIFT on a level 45+ Character
  • In your menu bar press the “Activities” button (Default Hotkey is “.”, period)
  • Select “Instant Adventure” from the List
  • Click “Join” – that’s all there is to it!

Please Note: There may be a short wait while your Instant Adventure is prepared, you will be placed into a queue if all Instant Adventure groups for both zones are full. However, this is unlikely as there can be several groups in each zone running at the same time.

And for those asking “What’s in it for me?” We have that covered too: – more ways to earn Inscribed Sourcestone, awesome Planar Attunement XP, mounts, and a new way to get yourself a full suit of the Stillmoor and Shimmersand costume sets await – Update 1.6.1 has arrived, what are you waiting for?


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