Guild Spotlight – Mendors of the Rift – Silkweb

Posted by on 13 December 2011
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Guild Spotlight – Mendors of the Rift – Silkweb

It’s time for another guild spotlight! This time, we’re talking about Mendors of the Rift on Silkweb.

When asked to describe themselves, guild leader, Ishtari had this to share with us. “All of our originators are “old-school” gamers.  I may be the exception in that I stopped playing video games after my Nintendo broke and could no longer play Tetris on it.  All of the founders did play WoW before coming over to Rift.  This is why a CASUAL atmosphere is so important to us.  We know of drama and want to do all we can to avoid it in game.” She goes on to tout the diversity of their ranks – saying that they are a group of gamers, with real life families and responsibilities, an even mix of men and women, and members ranging between 18 and 73 years of age.

Describing the favorite in-game activities of their members, Ishtari tells us that they love crafting, rift chasing, rolling alts, and enjoying the new instant adventure feature. She also offers some insight into how important their shard, Silkweb, is to helping keep their guild fun-loving and casual. “I should mention that our server, Silkweb, is a major reason why our guild and other casual guilds there work.  The overall shard personality is pretty casual and laid back.  We have one near-elitist that everyone makes fun of.  Even our “trolls” are rather un-trollish.  It is a great community Guardian side.”

When not playing RIFT, Ishtari tells us that almost all of Mendors of the Rift’s officers corp are as interested in real-world crafting as in-game crafting, with a full roster of knitters, woodworkers, bakers and almost every other type of crafter you can imagine.

Moving on to talk about Mendors of the Rift’s goals and aspirations, Ishtari tells us that they hope to see and experience as much of Telara as possible – all the recipes, achievements, pets – and even those “darn artifacts that have caused me to run off a variety of cliffs. Overall, we are just loving the game.”

We’d like to thank Mendors of the Rift for taking some time to share a bit of their history and their experiences in RIFT with us, and wish them the best of luck on their collective journey.

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