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Introducing Soul Templates – Research less, play more!

Posted by on 31 January 2012

Whether you’re new to RIFT or a seasoned adventurer looking to try another Calling, RIFT 1.7 is about to make your life easier with Soul templates!

In RIFT 1.7, we’re making some big changes to character creation, taking some of our players’ most popular Soul combinations (complete with names coined by the community!) and introducing them as Purposes: preset Soul templates you can use when creating a new Ascended!

Ten Awesome Addons

Posted by on 31 January 2012
Puzzle Map

Hey everyone,

The Addon system in RIFT has been out for some time now and we thought we’d share ten of the most popular ones with you guys, so you can see what many members of the RIFT Community are using.

Media Wrap-Up 1/30/2012

Posted by on 30 January 2012
Categories: Community News.

Hey everyone,

It’s time for another media wrap-up. So without further ado, here are some of the big news items from the week that was!

PTS Event Tuesday, 1/31 @ 4PM PDT – PvP Improvements

Posted by on 30 January 2012

Get ready to ruuuummmbbleeee! The next step in the evolution in RIFT PvP is here, and we’re asking for your feedback.

Join us on the PTS Tuesday, 1/31/12 @ 4:00PM PDT (12AM GMT) for a test of the new PvP improvements! which include:

PvP Power-up – Get Ready to Rumble in 1.7!

Posted by on 30 January 2012

In Update 1.7 we’re taking the fight to a whole new level – we’ve shook things up in PvP giving you new ways to enjoy the action and customize your game. We’ll explore all the changes you have to look forward to – there’s a lot to cover so let’s get to it!