RIFT Sweeps Awards in 2011

Posted by on 6 January 2012

The end of the year is usually the occasion for the videogame websites to publish their results and announce the big awards winners, this year was no exception, but more than that, this year was definitively a good year for RIFT!

We thought it would be a good occasion for us to finish this first 2012 week with a little summary of what happened and who enjoyed RIFT the most. We couldn’t have done this without all of you and thank you for our continued success!

IGN granted us the “Best PC Persistent/ MMO Game” title and it’s only the beginning, ask BioBreak who noticed our launch just happened without a hitch. While all that happened Ten Ton Hammer also named RIFT their Reader’s Choice from Ten Ton Hammer, a title that seems fitting with the award granted from MMORPG.com as Game of the Year!

In Europe we have JeuxVideo.com (FR) giving us the “Best MMORPG 2011 prize, you can understand why with this quote “Rift is a very good reference of the MMORPG genre. Rift is an excellent alternative among the genre’s biggest titles”. If we stay a little bit longer on the old Europe, our friends from mmoprime.de (DE) decided to award us the Best MMORPG award and their colleagues from playmassive.de (DE) made a pretty good summary of our debut success with this sentence “A list of the most important and best Online RPGs of 2011 without it would be a misjudgement of the highest rate”.

RIFT had a great success in Europe and we could easily quote numerous of website, articles and review, such as MMORPG Hispano (SP) going with the “Best MMORPG 2011” or spieletipps.de (DE) reporting RIFT in his TOP 50 Best games at the 36th position with “Rift is almost as addicting as the King of MMO “World of Warcraft” and brilliant high end graphics as well”.

What a year and we just started 2012 and we are all so excited about the future, those awards are for us the occasion to –once again- exceed your expectation and bring you the best online gaming experience!

This was just a taste – here’s a full list from the year for the archives:

IncGamers – Best Games of 2011 – #21
BioBreak -  Best Launch & Most Improved
EGM -  Biggest Surprise
Gamasutra - Top 5 PC Games of 2011
GamesRadar - Most Massviely Multiplayer Game
Gameswelt.de - Game of the Year
GamingXP - Online Game of the Year
IGN - Best PC Persistent/ MMO Game
JeuxVideo.com - Best MMORPG 2011
MMO Reviews - Top 10 Best MMOs – #3
MMOCrunch - Best MMORPG
MMOCrunch - Best New MMORPG
MMORPG.com - Game of the Year
VideoGamer - Most Important MMO of 2011
Ten Ton Hammer - Reader’s Choice

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