New Chronicle comes to RIFT 1.7 – River of Souls: Chains of Death

Posted by on 18 January 2012

The dead cry out in torment as Alsbeth the Discordant marches upon the River of Souls, where Telara’s departed spirits wait between lives. Before a raid can bring Alsbeth down for good, two elite Ascended must forge the chains of her demise.

Don the guise of an Endless Court cultist and infiltrate Alsbeth’s forces. You must learn what the Bride of Regulos has planned for this sacred place, sabotage those plans if possible, and escape with your life. With her terrible magic, Alsbeth can call enemy souls from the River to stop you cold. But the Ascended know better than anyone: Telara’s past holds heroes and allies as well as foes.

River of Souls: Chains of Death is the latest RIFT™ Chronicle. You and a friend—or just you if you’ve got the gear—confront Alsbeth and the Endless Court for plaques, new loot, artifacts, and a breathtaking adventure.