PTS Event Today, 1/23 @ 4PM PST – Weddings

Posted by on 23 January 2012

Wedding bells are ringing, and we’ve now made it easier than ever to commit to that special someone! You’ll soon get to experience the thrill of  getting married (and maybe even divorced) in RIFT.

Join us on PTS today, 1/23 & @ 4PM PST (11PM GMT) for your first look at in-game weddings as we try to find any kinks, bugs, or pressure points. As this is a brand new feature, don’t expect it to be 100% fully functional, but that’s what PTS is for!

The Wedding Coordinators are located in your capital city. For Defiants, this will be Quchi Bora on the bottom floor of Orphiel’s Spire.  Guardians will find their Coordinator, Lada Freen,  towards the back of Mariel-Taun’s Village.

Everything has it’s cost, and marriage is no exception. It will cost players 1 plat to get married, and 5 plat to run a wedding ceremony.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Character Copy to PTS!

You can now copy your character to the Public Test Shard! Simply click the Transfer button when you’re at Character select on the Live client and select “Copy to PTS” – it’s as easy as that! (though there may be a few bugs/limitations we’re working out). We will no longer be offering Gear/Leveling vendors with the introduction of this feature (except when testing requires it.)

You will need to download the PTS client if you have not done so already, this is approximately the same size as installing the full game and may take some time. For more information about PTS and how to access it please see:

Welcome to the Public Test Shard! – Getting Started

Have fun!

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