Guild Spotlight — Guild Paranormal

Posted by on 26 January 2012
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Guild Spotlight – Guild Paranormal

Hey everyone, it’s time for another Guild Spotlight! This time we’re featuring Briafcliff’s Guild Paranormal

We got to talk a little bit with Twizm, who runs this Guardian guild, and shared some of the guild’s history with us. He tells us that he has been running Guild Paranormal since 2002, when he returned from a deployment in Iraq, and that a military philosophy – especially regarding raiding rotations and loot rules – has done a lot to help keep his guild intact and drama free, and he stresses the values of cleanliness, professionalism, and presentability in all of Guild Paranormal’s undertakings.

Twizm also tells us that his guild is very active – with an aggressive raiding schedule of 6 nights a week, and they are currently 2/4 in Rise of the Phoenix. Check out this video of them taking on Beruhast, in Rise of the Phoenix.

Due to a lack of numbers, they have had to skip the Hammerknell content, but they are currently recruiting respectful and mature players to help boost their ranks (more information about how to join is on their website

When they aren’t raiding, Twizm says that Guild Paranormal loves to do zone events, world PvP and run tier 2 dungeons, just for the fun of doing things as a guild.

We’d like to thank Guild Paranormal for taking some time to tell us a bit about themselves. If your guild would like to be featured in a future Guild Spotlight, please have your guild leader send your guild’s story to

We’ve also got a discussion thread here on the forums.