Expert Dungeons & Items See Big Changes in Update 1.7!

Posted by on 27 January 2012

RIFT 1.7: Carnival of the Ascended brings with it a ton of awesome stuff!

Today we’re covering the topic that is going to likely effect most of you reading this – The combination of Tier 1 & Tier 2 Expert Dungeons into a single Expert tier in addition to wide-ranged end game itemization improvements.

Let’s get started!

One Tier to Rule them All – What this change to Expert Dungeons means for you:

If you’re a level 50 player who regularly plays Tier 2 dungeons you now have a total of 10 dungeons to adventure in! You’ll also find that we’ve upped the difficulty of the previous Tier 1 dungeons to be comparable to Tier 2, but we’ve also turned the dials up a bit higher on some encounters to keep things interesting with your flashy new gear we’ll talk about later.

Just getting started? Have no fear! If you’re level 50 and have some Tier 1 gear you should still try the new experts if you meet the requirements. If you’re super new or about to hit 50 well then you’re going to get to enjoy all the benefits – you won’t even know what you missed, grab a friend (old or new will do!) and explore a chronicle or four – we’ve got a brand new one waiting for you too in the River of Souls!

As we transition into talking about items you should know that any Tier 1 equipment you’re currently using will see an improvement from the item changes we’re about to dive into; however, these items will never drop again – but you can find their pumped-up upgrades in the new Expert versions.

Breakin’ Down the End Game Gear Overhaul:

First, the basics - In Update 1.7 all level 45+ items with the exception of the current Prestige Rank 7 & 8 armor set and Tier 2 Raid equivalent gear have been improved to be more effective for your adventuring needs.

But don’t worry raiders – even if you’re not getting a boost you should see less of the same loot each week (lookin at you Cleric tanks) – we’ve gone ahead and made a few tweaks to ensure the loot dropped better reflects raid compositions!

This allows a much smoother progression into end-game content and allows for a continually rewarding experience all the way up whether you’re doing PvP, Zone Events, Raids or Dungeons. Speaking of smoothness – for your sanity and ours we’ve also made Hit & Focus more simplified: now you’ll see it on all level 50 Head, Hand, Weapon, Neck, and Finger slotted items.

In addition to you seeing the direct improvements of your abilities being more effective you’ll also see that this (in addition to a number of changes coming to PvP we’ll talk about in a couple of days) will encourage more balanced PvP between the most season veterans and the greenest of gilled warriors allowing skill to play a bigger role.

But that’s not all – while Justicars might be shaking their fists at the tipping of the scales all clerics can celebrate the addition of Focus to many items intended for healers making it easier to play the way you want!

So there ya go – you’ll be able to check it all out for yourself when RIFT 1.7 arrives in the near future – but you’re always welcome to come visit us on PTS and take a look before it goes live.

Stay tuned for more details about what’s coming to Telara!