PvP Power-up – Get Ready to Rumble in 1.7!

Posted by on 30 January 2012

In Update 1.7 we’re taking the fight to a whole new level – we’ve shook things up in PvP giving you new ways to enjoy the action and customize your game. We’ll explore all the changes you have to look forward to – there’s a lot to cover so let’s get to it!

Prestige Rank Overhaul

The first change you might notice logging in after the update will be a serious increase in the number of Prestige Ranks to earn – we’ve ramped it up from 8 to 40 to be exact.

What does that really mean though? The most important part to remember is the actual time to reach the max rank (now 40) is almost exactly the same – by increasing the number of ranks we’re able to smooth out progression while you earn rewards more frequently than before!

And don’t worry – of course your current rank will automagically be converted into the new system seamlessly.

Speaking of rewards – You don’t need to grind two sets of armor anymore just to look good, instead you’ll earn new wardrobe pieces for them all as you  go and with each rank you earn a full level of Planar Attunement – that’s a total of 39 bonus levels!

The Path of War

So what are you going to spend those 39 new points on? Check out the all new Attunement Path of War for an answer to that question!

This new path works exactly like the current available Planar Attunement paths. We’ve removed the PvP souls from the game and adopted the most popular abilities and bonuses into a single tier of advancement – once again you get the benefit of more frequent rewards and more ways to customize your roles!

Item Improvements for Everyone

All level 45+ items prior to Hammerknell/Rank 8 are receiving an upgrade in stats, check out the full details here. The idea is to make the jump in power more consistent for everyone. In addition you’ll find that many of the PvP merchant items that required a certain prestige rank no longer do. While this does include armor sets, weapons and synergy crystals will still require you to be of a certain rank to use. I should also note that synergy crystals have had their notoriety requirements lowered as well.

  • Going forward, there will only be 3 available sets of PvP Gear for the post 50 game. As new sets are introduced, the lowest set will be retired. We feel that it creates a more balanced playing field for all participants (specially with Bolstering being added).
  • The largest improvement to the PVP Set gear is the addition of Vengeance which gives you a significant advantage over enemies who are Bolstered.

Life Just Got Easier – Introducing Bolstering and Mercenaries

We’re always trying to improve the quality of life across Telara and PvP is no different. With Update 1.7 we’re introducing two new systems to keep you in the action:

  • Bolstering simply pumps up your stats to the minimum recommended for PvP. In the event one of your stats is higher than the bolstered value already then it uses that instead. Bolstering will adjust most of your core stats, including Valor. Once you have reach rank 13 you should have the appropriate amount of Favor to purchase a full set and will no longer be bolstered.
  • The Mercenary system seeks to slash queue times by queuing some players and groups as mercenaries – this designates you as a team mate of the opposite faction as a sword for hire, you’ll receive a Mercenary buff and on-screen callout.  Expect to see shorter waits between warfronts and while we realize it might be hard to not kill the dwarfs, remember: they could be on your side now!

As a cherry on top all players receive the “Break Free” ability at from level 1 and now you’ll be able to spend Favor to purchase Reinforced Crystallized Insight which grants 100,000 Planar Attunement Experience – that’s what I call motivation for easy living and hard fighting!