Ten Awesome Addons

Posted by on 31 January 2012

Hey everyone,

The Addon system in RIFT has been out for some time now and we thought we’d share ten of the most popular ones with you guys, so you can see what many members of the RIFT Community are using.

Because we all love legal stuff: While we at Trion Worlds (“Trion”) are proud to recognize the tremendous efforts in and passion for developing these amazing RIFT Addons, these Addons were not developed, and have not been tested, by Trion. As a result, we cannot make, and expressly disclaim, any express or implied warranties, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. These Addons may contain bugs, errors, problems or other limitations, so use of any Addon is at your sole risk and Trion has no liability for such use.



SimpleMeter is an extremely popular addon and exactly what it claims to be — an easy to use meter to track damage and healing for friend and foe alike. Props to Jor @ Deepstrike for sharing this addon with the RIFT Community.

RiftCount DPS Meter

RiftCount DPS Meter. If you need a simple way to track your mad DPS, you might want to consider RiftCount – it’s a lightweight, unimposing addon that does just that. This addon’s growing popularity is a testament to doing one thing and doing it well.

Runecraft Helper

Runecraft Helper

Runecraft Helper is a wonderfully robust addon designed for use by anyone to view runecrafting enchants, crafting augments, and consumables.


Not sure if that drop is an upgrade? Ask nkAdvisor! This addon is a fairly complete in-game viewer of all level 50 items, including instances, rifts, PvP, and currency items. The mouseover comparative tooltip makes it easy to see at-a-glance whether an item is an upgrade.

Wire’s Raid Killer

Wire's RaidKillerBecause nobody wants to be “that guy” Wire has hooked us up with an addon that helps prevent you from wiping your raid group by using subtle reminders about encounter mechanics and events. This super useful addon also comes packaged with Wire’s NPSee addon to help keep track of your target and Wire’s OCD addon to keep track of ability cooldowns for members of your raid.  You can check out Wire’s Raid Killer here.

King Boss Mods

Here’s another great alert system for all you raiders. KBM lets you track what’s going on in your raid and with your raiders. Check out the full features list here and see it in action in this video of Lucidium vs Akylios.

Puzzle Map

Puzzle Map is an unassuming little interface addon that displays the location and coordinates of all of Telara’s puzzles and cairns. A must for any adventurer.

Wire’s NPSee

Never again lose track of a raid target! Wire’s NPSee shows a target gauge displaying the name and health of any hostile targets targeted by members of your raid.

Karuul Alert

Karuul AlertKaruul Alert is a fully configurable alerting system that lets you track what you want, how you want. Karuul Alert will let you set up alerts for things like target debuffs, when your focus is low on life, an ability is off of cooldown, and just about any other event you can think of!




If you’re interested in staying up-to-date with news about RIFT addons, or are thinking about becoming a RIFT addon author, be sure to check out the Beta Addon API section of the RIFT forums, and use this thread for discussion!