Introducing Soul Templates – Research less, play more!

Posted by on 31 January 2012

Whether you’re new to RIFT or a seasoned adventurer looking to try another Calling, RIFT 1.7 is about to make your life easier with Soul templates!

In RIFT 1.7, we’re making some big changes to character creation, taking some of our players’ most popular Soul combinations (complete with names coined by the community!) and introducing them as Purposes: preset Soul templates you can use when creating a new Ascended!

From 1.7 onward, you will be asked to select a Purpose for your new Ascended. Your character’s Purpose will provide an ideal combination of starting Soul, abilities, and equipment, and you’ll get to see how your new Ascended will look in a variety of gear, from starting armor to endgame epics!

As you gain levels, your Purpose will guide you through your Soul Trees, helping to fill out your action bars as new abilities become available.

After character creation, this new approach to leveling is entirely optional and can be switched off at any time by changing your Purpose to “Custom” or putting Soul points outside the suggested build. You can also enable Purposes for your veteran Ascended whenever you like!

Everyone has something to gain from Purposes’ Soul templates. These finely tuned builds will help newcomers ease into the fray, while veterans looking for a head-start on a new build or Calling can use Purposes as a jumping-off point!

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