End of Nations Update

Posted by on 9 February 2012

Howdy Folks!

I’m Lance “Myll_Erik” James the North American End of Nations Community Manager and I moseyed this way in order to make sure you folks were up to date on End of Nations!  We have made big strides over the past year including the fact that End of Nations will be Free-to-play while still retaining everything you would expect to see in a truly AAA quality RTS game. We’re not only raising the standard for RTS games, but we are striving to set the bar extremely high. End of Nations will  be a worldwide war where players will be fighting in massive battles for global control of a massive persistent world.

So why should you be excited for End of Nations?

  • Be a part of the RTS revolution as we give an old genre a shot of new blood and blended it with the persistence, customization, and multiplayer mayhem.
  • With your friends you’ll get to duke it out against your enemies in a nonstop 24/7 battle royale for global dominance.
  • And when we say Massively Multiplayer we mean MASSIVE. Forget 2-4 teams on a map, we’re talking 28 v 28 no-holds barred, apocalyptic combat!

We’ve just started to give away some beta codes and you folks will be extremely familiar in how our alpha and beta process will work as in many ways it is just like the way RIFT did testing! You can find more details about our alpha and beta testing by clicking here. For your best shot at getting a beta code, make sure you follow End of Nations on Facebook / End of Nations on Twitter / Subscribe to End of Nations on YouTube as well as follow our End of Nations Community Blog and our End of Nations Forums! Good luck! Looking forward to seeing you folks on the battlefield!

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