True Romance in Telara – Celebrate the winners!

Posted by on 10 February 2012

Let there be love!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and to celebrate the arrival of Ascended Weddings in Telara and spread the love we’re pulling out the stops and throwing a party – a wedding party of WORLD RECORD proportions!

As part of the fun we ran the “True Romance in Telara” contest – dozens of you shared many personal stories in hopes to win your own personally attended wedding by myself, Elrar – RIFT Community Manager. I have to say this is the toughest time I’ve had picking a winner yet. The turnout and the stories themselves blew myself and the team away – we were humbled by your willingness to share, so thank you all!

However, only 5 could walk away with the prize, feel the love:

Lovers Leap

Time, space, and cancer couldn’t stop this couple from being together – read how MMO’s keep them together, even when the world drives them apart!

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Love is Blind

We thought this couple deserved to have their wish – if they can’t get married in real life, we’ll sure as heck marry them in Telara!

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Make Love, Not War

Try this one on for size, he ganked her – and instead of giving him a piece of her mind, they fell in love.

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Those who Play together, Stay together.

This fun little poem won them a spot for getting a good laugh out of us all as it explains their story in RIFT.

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Shinies for a Shiny

Artifact hunters, eat your heart out! This guy went all the way to make his love say “I do!”

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