Get schooled in this weekend’s warfront!

Posted by on 2 March 2012
Categories: Community News.

Every weekend, a different Warfront becomes a hot spot for conflict between the Guardians and Defiant, and this weekend it’s Library of the Runemasters. Join the fight this weekend for extra favor and prestige!

Read up on your PvP in Library of the Runemasters!

Within the depths of Hammerknell, Guardians and Defiant battle to control Dwarven Rune Vessels. These artifacts, used to bind mighty planar beings, could prove invaluable to the armies of the Ascended.

Dwarven Rune Vessels have been found in the Library of the Runemasters, and players must hold onto them to secure victory. But be warned! The Vessels’ dark power can eat away at the souls of the Ascended. Earn points for your team by slaying enemy players or by carrying a Vessel as long as possible, surviving both the enemy onslaught and the relics’ ever-increasing waves of corruption.

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