Guild Spotlight — Anima Praetoria

Posted by on 6 March 2012
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Hi Everyone,

It’s time for another Guild Spotlight and this week we’re featuring Anima Praetoria from Riptalon (EU). We were fortunate enough to get guild leader, Fielus, to tell us a bit about them.

“Anima Praetoria” translates as “warrior soul” and that’s exactly what Fielus had in mind when the guild was founded. The members of Anima Praetoria never give up and are always ready to pick up the fight again when defeated in battle.  To date, they have overcome all the tier one content on two progression teams that are currently making their way through Hammerknell, and they have three teams progressing through Rise of the Phoenix –  one of them making it as far as General Silgen.

Fielus goes on to describe “Anima” as a happy mix of people who are die hard raiders at heart, and value progression highly. While many of them do regularly enjoy battling it out in PvP, raiding remains their primary focus.  As for demographics, Fielus tells us that, while English remains the common tongue, they have members in their ranks from over 20 countries, including the England, Ireland, Holland, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia, and Serbia.

Their stated mission is “to allow everybody in the guild to play the game exactly how they want it; to maintain a friendly, helpful, happy, and progressive guild; to not tolerate discrimination in any form.”

We’d like to thank Fielus for taking some time to share some of Anima Praetoria’s story with us.  If you’d like to learn more about them, check out their website.

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