Developer Q&A – We tackle Arenas, Cloaks, and more!

Posted by on 29 March 2012

Hail Ascended!

Today we have a brand new Developer Q&A for you – get a closer look at the development of RIFT and find answers to common questions & suggestions! While this list will never be exhaustive, and we realize you might have many questions of your own, we aim to cover as many different areas of the game as we can.

Whether on the forums, facebook, twitter, fansites, or in game – thanks for all of your feedback and encourage you to continue to share, thanks!

Do you plan to offer a paid or free faction change, or allow players of opposite factions some way to play with their friends?

We are exploring many different ways to provide players with opportunities to play alongside players from the other faction. The first step in this process is, of course, the mercenary system. This has had the fantastic benefit of virtually eliminating PvP queue times.  We do have other, grander plans in store, but I can’t go into details yet.   As you are aware, we operate in a very nimble manner. We are experimenting with several ideas and will iterate on them until we find the solution that is suitably Rift.

Are there any plans for additional sets of armor that aren’t purchased from a vendor?

We’re constantly adding gear to the game that can be obtained in a variety of ways —  You’ll definitely see more dropped & crafted gear.   At the same time, token vendors do have an important purpose.  They’re a great way to ensure that people don’t get “Screwed” by the luck of the dice, never seeing upgrades at all.   The best gear to wear generally comes from multiple sources.

How many boss encounters are there in Infernal Dawn?

There are 7 different raid bosses in infernal dawn. Some bosses, such as Maelforge, are actually multiple encounters with their own rewards. In addition there are a few smaller mini bosses that also offer minor rewards for killing them.

How is the feedback for the dungeon after several weeks of testing?

Infernal Dawn testing is going really well, and we’ve got a number of major guilds both EU and US helping us test out the encounters.  It’s so nice to have such a dedicated and experienced group of testers since it allows us to get much better results (and quicker) then we did when we were working on Hammerknell and many testers were still pretty new to the game.

Thanks for the extra role and adding pre-made “Purposes” in update 1.7 – do you feel there is room for extra souls or even callings in the future?

This is probably the second most common question we get (After will there be housing) and the short answer is yes. We definitely plan on expanding the soul system, we’ve been super happy with how successful it has been and in the players response to its flexibility and options. With that in mind we don’t plan on a large scale update (adding new souls, levels or callings) for live at this time, though we have a good solid idea what we would do when it comes to expanding the game further.

Have you considered adding cloaks? Who doesn’t look awesome in a cape?

Cloaks of all types (Guild or otherwise) are something we really want to do. However right now we’re developing the game with an eye towards performance, Rift is unique in the fact that we have many activities that encourage hundreds of players to play together and we don’t want to negatively impact that experience. You all will be the first to know if/when we solve this particular problem since you know we could never keep something that exciting under wraps for long!

Arenas – some love them, some don’t. Are there any plans for an Arena or similar idea in RIFT at this time?

We have no plans for arenas at this time, RIFT is a massively multiplayer game and we really want to embrace the mechanics of getting large groups of players together and arenas are counter to that. That being said we are adding leaderboards to both PvE and PvP content complete with divisions and rankings so players looking to compete will have a great tool for measuring how badass they are. We’ve also got some exciting new PVP content cooking but it’s still too early for us to give any details.

I love RIFT Lore but it’s not always easy to access – any plans on making more of it available online or maybe even a few books?

I know that the Lore Lead now loves whoever asked that. J It always amazes me when I stop and look at how many plots and side stories are in our game. I do not know of any initiatives to export these out at the moment, I’m afraid.

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