Guild Finder arrives in RIFT 1.8 Infernal Dawn!

Posted by on 12 April 2012

RIFT is a massive game, much of which is enjoyed best with friends!

We also know that between new players joining or returning all the time and free character transfers it can be a game in itself to find others to adventure with. Fortunately in RIFT 1.8: Infernal Dawn we’ve made it easier than ever to find a guild and get back to the action! Whether you’re looking for a guild or your guild is looking for more you can connect with other kindred players instantly via the new Guild Finder.

Looking for a guild?

Whether you’re just looking to chat, run dungeons, raid, PvP, roleplay or all of the above there are thousands of guilds out there to choose from! With the new Guild Finder you’ll be able to narrow down your search in a few quick clicks:


  1. Press Shift+G to open up the guild window (or find it under the Social tab in the menu bar), this will bring up the Guild Finder.
  2. Select any options that matter to you under categories, roles needed, availability, and size.
  3. When you find a guild you’re interested in just click “Message” to shoot a message to the recruitment officers, it’s up to them to contact you further.
  4. If they’re online they’ll have the option to send you a tell, otherwise it will be sent to their mailbox.
  5. You don’t need to be online to accept the invite either – officers can invite you via mail!

Keep in mind you can select as many or as few of the options as you want. In fact we recommend trying different combinations to get the best idea of what your options are! The first question you should ask yourself is: how do I want to spend my time playing RIFT?

Guilds have a wide range of their own rules and expectations – some are there to make it easier to find a group and socialize while others expect you to be available for raids at certain times and days. With this in mind make sure you read the guilds description carefully and when contacting a recruiter be sure to ask any questions!

Size matters too – be sure to consider whether or not you prefer large social organizations or smaller, more intimate camaraderie.

And of course – if you see a specific guild and are wondering what they’re all about you can find them by name (if they’re listed). This lets you quickly pull up their recruitment posting and check any requirements or details out for yourself!

Guild Looking for More?

By default all Senior Officers have access to the recruitment tab – of course this can be changed via your guild’s settings (along with who wants to receive recruitment inquiries). The options you can set mirror those that an individual can choose from above.

In addition to choosing your guild’s recruitment preferences you can also add a brief description to personalize your posting – this is where your guild can stand out and say what makes you unique as well as what you’re looking for in potential members!


  1. Press G to open your guild window (also found under the Social tab on the menu bar), you’ll notice a new tab at the bottom called “Recruitment”
  2. Provide a brief description of your guild.
  3. Select any options that matter to you under categoriesroles neededavailability, and size.
  4. You can also set a minimum level, players who don’t meet this requirement cannot see your listing.
  5. Be sure to check the “List guild in Guild Finder” option – no one can find you until you do!

That’s all there is to it – 1.8 is just around the corner and Guild Finder is just one of the new features you have to look forward to! Read about Fishing, Infernal Dawn, Ember Isle Instant Adventure, Leaderboards and more on the Update 1.8 page!