RIFT Update 1.8 Infernal Dawn Preview

Posted by on 16 April 2012
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RIFT Update 1.8 Infernal Dawn Preview!

Exclusive 1.8 RIFT Livestream


Tuesday 4/17/2012 at 11:30 PDT/ 6:30 pm GMT we will be Livestreaming an exclusive preview of our new 20 man raid — Infernal Dawn. Be sure to check into our Facebook Livestream channel to get the latest and greatest preview of update 1.8!

Last week we invited several press outlets and fan sites to participate in a roundtable call with Scott Hartsman, Hal Hanlin, and Adam Gershowitz. For a comprehensive look at the coverage from this event, check out the links below!

Rift General Article: 1.8 – Infernal Dawn & Survival Skills on MMORPG.com

Here’s what they had to say about Fishing

“Thinking, ‘why not?’, the team went ahead and brought a terrific and interesting mechanic into the game with some unique ideas.”

“From E3 onward, things are gonna get hot in Telara! Keep your eyes peeled!”

Fishing, Survival, and Dragons: The Trion Team Talks about RIFT’s 1.8 Update and Beyond on Massively.com

“As the Carnival of the Ascended draws to a close and the last of the piñatas and balloons are put away from RIFT’s first birthday, Update 1.8 is just around the corner. It’s full of new content, including the new raid zone Infernal Dawn, fishing and survival skills, and lots of game improvements. Massively took part in a roundtable discussion with Trion CCO and RIFT Executive Producer Scott Hartsman, Design Producer Hal Hanlin, and Producer Adam Gershowitz to get all the details on Update 1.8 and more. Read on for highlights!”

A Discussion of Infernal Dawn with three of Trion’s Best! On ZAM.com

“A group of Rift reviewers from all sorts of MMO sites gathered together on Wednesday to discuss the game’s newest update, Infernal Dawn. Hal Hanlin and Adam Gershowitz started the show, and Scott Hartsman showed up to answer all our questions about patch 1.8, which comes with big changes: a new raid, new auxiliary skills, Leaderboards, the Guild Finder, and more!”

Check out the article here

Trion Worlds Hosts Q&A Session For Rift Update 1.8 on Gamebreaker.tv

“Trion Worlds recently played host to a conference call roundtable Q&A session with various media outlets.  Hal Hanlin, Scott Hartsman, and Adam Gershowitz talked about Rift‘s first year, Update 1.8, and their future plans.” You can find out more here!

Infernal Dawn Brings Lessons Learned and Expanding Content in 1.8 on Rift Junkies

“So, expect to see some interesting IA’s in the near future, and hopefully you are constantly amazed.”
“All in all, Instant Adventures is something Trion is very excited about and, in our opinion, has hit a home run on.”
“Overall, update 1.8 lends itself to be a gigantic step forward in the game’s evolution.”


Read more at Riftjunkies.com

Trion Developers Talk about Patch 1.8: Infernal Dawn on Magelo.com

The eighth major content patch in the Rift saga is on the horizon! This patch brings a new 20-man raid, new professions and a new streaming client. We had the opportunity to test some of the new content and pore through the patch notes for the key features up and coming.

We were also lucky to be able to sit down with Hal Hanlin, Adam Gershowitz and Scott Hartsman to discuss the content. With the patch up and coming, we have brought you their comments with our rundown